Bazinga: DU Declares DU Beat as its Official Newspaper

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DU announced the acquisition of DU Beat into its Department of Journalism. Read on as we talk to the Humans of DU Beat and gauge how they are responding to the change.

The Delhi University administration took everyone by surprise as they announced the merger of the student-run newspaper, DU Beat (DUB) into their formal structure. The decision was announced in a press conference by the acting Vice-Chancellor, P.C. Joshi. The process is expected to be finished by the end of March.

“DUB has become an indispensable part of campus life. Seeing them grow this far from a reader’s perspective makes me feel so proud. Kudos to the whole team,

says a Political Science student from Lady Shri Ram College.

Started in October 2007, DUB began as an independent newspaper covering the issues around campus. Over the years, the newspaper has grown manifold and emerged as a formidable voice of the youth.

 “DUB has successfully worked independently for 15 years and now we are pretty excited for this new direction we are taking under the aegis of the Department of Journalism, Delhi University. It will be interesting to work with the experienced members of the University and use the available resources to expand and grow. We have high hopes for the organisation and are confident about this new journey,”

said the Editor-in-Chief of DU Beat, Sakshi Arora .

The Department of Journalism, Delhi University is well-known across the lengths and breadths of the country for its superior quality of education and hands-on approach to education.

However, certain student groups were quick to raise questions about how this merger could potentially compromise the quality of journalism at DU Beat. The rationale behind the merger is to maintain a strong connection with the voice of the students to make the University a healthy and welcoming space for all. The varsity has decided to not intervene in the newspaper’s day-to-day functioning but will just provide the newspaper with the required resources and expertise.

Many within DUB themselves were startled by the development while others called it a manifestation that came true.

“We were very surprised when we heard this piece of news. I am glad that Delhi University has recognised our efforts as a student journalist platform. We are looking forward to this move!”

Said Saanjh Shekhar, Copy-Editor at DU Beat.

“DUB is truly the heartbeat of everyone in DU. From their sizzling purple posts on Instagram to their articles and reports, it has held us together for so many years. I have had the best experience working with it and this piece of news gives me joy. And I would say the recipe of it has been: hard work, perseverance, exotic ideas and content (and losing some sleep)!” 

Navneet Kaur, a correspondent at DU Beat.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated and not accepted.

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