Auburn Umbrella: My War and Peace With Old Wardrobe

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As you enter college for the first time, you feel anxious about your old wardrobe. Read ahead for some fashion tips and tricks to overcome it!

As soon as you enter college, choosing the right clothes for your wardrobe becomes a challenge. School and wardrobe is however an oxymoron. What clothing details did we have in school for that matter? Only that monochromatic skirt, white shirt, or black/green pants. Thus, hating your old wardrobe in college is a natural emotion. But don’t throw everything away, just yet! Here are some tips for your wardrobe from a fellow DU student.

That Farewell Saree? Keep it.

Vani Vivek, Jesus and Mary College
Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

This one is for those who wore saree on school farewell for the first time: DU and sarees have a beautiful relationship. Sarees will become a quintessential clothing component of college wardrobe. Right from your college’s Diwali Mela to the traditional day of DU fest or your farewell. Saree will be needed a lot. So don’t discard either your annual function’s or farewell’s saree. You can rejuvenate it by wearing different blouses.

Treasure your MUN suits

Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

If you have done debating and attended Model United Nations (MUN) conferences in school, those black, blue, navy and brown formals that you wore will be needed in college too. You may join the MUN circle of your college or simply sit in an internship interview. Thus, don’t fight with the formals that you already have. You can give them a new look by pairing them with new shirts, but keep the foundational suits intact.

The Delhi/DU Fad 

Image Credits: P.V Purnima for DU Beat.

As an outstation student, I was always anxious about what the “Delhi fashion” would be like. So as a first-hand note, I suggest freshers not to over-buy many things from their hometown. That’s because most clothes lose their shine amongst DU fashion. A better option is to only keep essentials like jeans, shirts, leggings, tops, etc. Rather buying things from local Delhi markets like Sarojini Nagar and that too at economical rates can prove to be more lucrative. Besides that, don’t fret too much over what people around you are wearing. Pick your own style.

Mix-Matching is the Key 

Image Credits: Namrata Randhawa for DU Beat.

Your war-peace relationship with your old wardrobe shouldn’t delusion you into believing that it’s not worthwhile. In college, people mostly do things in a DIY way. Someone will be seen wearing jhumkas with jeans. Others will be seen wearing saree with shoes. Yet it all looks beautiful. Thus, freshers, you shouldn’t be worried about investing in paired or expensive clothes. Just go about accessorising your outfits. If you have an old top, you can pair it up with new earrings that you can buy.

Footwear and Top Wear

Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Lastly, it’s advised that you beautify your college wardrobe by mostly investing in top or footwear. Top wear is one thing that catches everyone’s eyes just like your heels, sneakers, boots, etc. So keep your old jeans with you and try only buying new tops. That’s because only footwear and top wear undergo drastic fashion changes.

So if your little first-year tummy is getting anxious, ask it to calm down. College fashion is mostly flexible and you will find peace with your wardrobe easily!

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Image Credits: Fabindia

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