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A Quizzer is finding the story behind every Delhi Metro Station this quarantine

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Did you know Shalimar Bagh Metro Station was named after two monuments of the same name in Lahore and Srinagar? Or did you know that it’s not the Indian National Army but India’s second airlines company that gave its name to INA Metro Station? Here, we talk about a quizzing initiative from a DU student that aims to tell the story behind every metro station.


‘Ever travelled on the Delhi Metro? The 229 stations carry a thousand stories.’ reads the bio of an Instagram handle called Delhi Metro Quiz (@delhimetroquiz). It’s a page that attempts to bring out these stories behind every station through the medium of quizzing.

While some might just quizzing as a ‘nerdy’ activity, the University of Delhi does have a thriving culture of quizzers with expertise in various fields. Shivam Sanoria, a second-year student from North Campus’s Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) decided to have a fun initiative through which people could get to know amusing and informative tidbits of information every day.

The Delhi Metro Quiz is also relatable for college-going students as the Delhi Metro is undeniably the most popular mode of transport for a majority of Delhi’s college students. Shivam’s curated questions and facts only tell us that every time we get down on a metro station, there’s a part of history that we’re stepping on. Shivam has been running the page, along with his peer and fellow quizzer Shubham Jha who helps in formulating the questions. Jha is currently a second-year student from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.

Unfortunately, with the current global pandemic, the metros have stopped moving as everything has come to a halt. This quarantine is what gave Shivam time to think about this initiative. ‘The page started on 4th April, but the idea was cooking in my brain for a long time, as I wanted to conduct a quiz on Delhi metro stations. So, when I got time (due to quarantine), I thought why not do it online?’ he says.

From historical incidents behind a particular station to the life details of the person after which a station is named, Shivam’s quiz has been covering various aspects of not only the metro network but also the city’s culture. And the passion behind the questions can be seen from Shivam’s own love for quizzing. As he puts it himself, ‘I’ve been into quizzing for 5 years, from school time itself…and it’s one of the most important things in my college life.’

You can check out Shivam’s work and can gain some knowledge about the Delhi and India channelised via Delhi Metro  on The Delhi Metro Quiz’s Instagram page.


Image Credits- DU Beat Archives

Shaurya Singh Thapa

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