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DUTA Strike Called off Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

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Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has decided to call off the protest demanding absorption of ad hoc teachers as the global pandemic COVID-19 has made the country come to a standstill.

The protest which has been going on since December last year was staged in front of the varsity Vice Chancellor’s house. DUTA President, Rajib Ray informed about this development on Saturday. 

The strike was called off after a team of doctors from the University, visited and examined the site. After doing so they concluded that the site was lacking necessary measures and hence the team advised DUTA to call off the protest for the time being.

DUTA strike 1 by Uru Yadu Ushanandani

Image CreditsYadu Ushanandani for DU Beat

In a letter addressed to the members of the faculty body, Mr. Ray said, “The responsibility of sustaining such action programmes cannot entirely fall on a few and today, as a collective, we cannot risk the lives and health of our members and their families. I wish to assure all teachers, that we will collectively rebuild our agitation on our key issues. It is my duty to share the information that during the inspection by a team of doctors and other officers from the MCD, at the university on March 20, the doctors raised alarm at the conditions of the tents. The doctors inspecting the site concluded that the safety and hygiene standards were not adequate, given the present situation.”

Saikat Ghosh, Teachers’ representative at the University Academic Council, said, “ We had decided to call off the protest as it’d have been irresponsible on our part to risk the lives of the teachers involved. Apart from this we are following all the directives given by ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) and the government. DUTA will be deciding the future steps to be taken after this outbreak of COVID-19 has been fended off.”

Till now the protest has resulted in the commencement of the formalities regarding issues related to promotions and permanent appointments. However, groundwork by the University administration is yet to be seen.


Feature Image Credits: Yadu Ushanandani

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