PsyFiesta 2018-19, The Annual Fest of Department of Psychology, Gargi College Organized!

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PsyFiesta 2018-49250792_2075288352560512_2519654804855193600_n 49338788_2101341163261707_8818568964025090048_n 49346185_2075287779227236_9020340944133685248_n 49378804_2075285322560815_6071076112736190464_n 49899547_2075284212560926_8989633534285053952_n 49897644_2075288222560525_7306934385016569856_n 49896520_2075286882560659_7879721587367215104_n 49739352_2101344129928077_6920868330353983488_n 49436029_2101341019928388_3468040736941801472_n 49948368_2101342786594878_7592713786541211648_n 50005806_2075286365894044_4973094386670764032_n 50140889_2075286792560668_8904379408417030144_n 50263489_2101342226594934_893121475492446208_n 50297051_2101340469928443_7403097319794540544_n 50330803_2101340479928442_4375358831694184448_n 50548292_226773471603193_794962939994963968_n19, The Annual Fest of Department of Psychology, Gargi College started out its journey of narratives by bringing together students and staff for a plantation drive. The event was organised in association with GlassEye, the filmmaking society of Gargi College and Iris, the photography society of Gargi College.

The first interaction of the day was with Dr. Anandana Kapur. A sociologist and a filmmaker, she engaged in a conversation with the students about how everything is a story and each one us, filmmakers in our own ways. Her raw storytelling and urge to bring women narratives to life left the audience inspired.

The next speaker to take over was Dr. Yogesh Snehi, a professor of history from Ambedkar University, Delhi. His belief in historical narratives of ordinary people presented the audience with a story un-thought of before – Stories of Sufi Shrines. He reminded the students the cultural side of narratives and how all the stories passed on from generation to generation, help us piece together an unwritten history.

Dr. Gauri Chakraborty, associate professor at Amity University, currently heading the Amity School of Communication, was the next to take over the stage. She bridged the real and the reel for students by talking about the origins of stories and how certain factors like experience of the maker, imaginations, fantasy and associations from real life help in coming up with timeless content that makes its way into people’s memory.

The event also consisted of two competitions – PhotoStory, where participants had to weave their own story in relation to a set of pictures presented; and Thank you, next, where participants in a group formed an impromptu story on the basis of a given first line.

 Moreover, students from Department of Psychology, Gargi College also stepped up to present an account of stories, too raw and close to their hearts, some tracing back to childhood, some recollecting birthday wishes from their mothers and some, where homes juggles between Delhi and Kashmir.

The event ended with a vote of thanks and a sense of courage to bring one’s own narrative to life.

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