How to Have More Faith in Your Preparation: A Guide to Not Freak Out!

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The exam season leaves us in an air of uncertainty and anxiety related to the syllabus! These are a few tips to keep you positive throughout the exams.

We live in a test-conscious, test-giving culture in which the lives of people are in part determined by their test performance. (Seymour Sarason et al., 1960, p.26, Yale University).”

Having faith in oneself is vital to performing well. This is something every exam goer should keep in mind. The exams are a testing time for you, mentally, but here are a few tips to be confident about your preparation for the exams.

  • You have given your best

If you know you have delivered your one hundred percent into the preparation, keep reminding yourself about it. The syllabus is ever so vast, but if you are confident that the topics you’ve done are in perfection, you can climb Everest with that confidence!

  • Do not let others cause anxiety to you

The night before the exam is filled with a lot of distractions. Friends and classmates calling you up to clear the doubts or to share the notes, Whatsapp groups will be filled with multiple discussions. Above all, there will always be that one friend, who will hype things up so much and freak everyone out. Do not let all of this scare you. Believe in yourself and be confident you will be able to pull off a good examination.

  • Be confident and positive

Do not let the negative thoughts brim past you! Believe in your preparation and be confident and happy you were able to pull off all that you decided to work on. Stressing unnecessarily will affect your performance in the paper as well!

  • It is not the end of the world

Being dedicated to your studies is an important activity but stressing too much on an exam might not be an ideal situation. Believe in the preparation, and even if you feel you are lacking in something, there is always a better time. Invest more in the preparation for the next paper. Do not let the blues affect your performance in all of your exams.

  • Strategize your preparation

If you feel a little blue looking at the vast expanse of the syllabus to be covered, take a cue and design a schedule in such a way that you target all the main and the important topics! A study by the Stanford Research scholars revealed that college students who employ a strategic approach to the use of study resources improved their exam scores by an average of one-third of a letter grade. Smart studying is an effective way to cover up all of the important topics of the exam in a shorter time. Focus on efficiency.

The exams are for sure a testing time for everyone, but do not let it affect you in a way which will delineate your performance. Give your best, at all costs, and relax knowing this fact, at the end of the day.


Feature Image credits: Very Well Mind

Avnika Chhikara
[email protected]

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