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Government sets up committee to strengthen NSS and NCC

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The government along with the youth ministry has recently planned to revamp the NCC and NSS, which has raised the question if this sudden interest is genuine or an attempt to brainwash the youth. 

A report in a certain national daily ran that a National Youth Empowerment Scheme or N-YES was being planned by the Modi government to “optimise the Indian demographic advantage” and it would ”help instill values of nationalism and discipline in the youth”. This would help India become a “Vishwaguru” (a world leader) which is the aim of the New India Vision 2022 of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 

A day later the centre rejected the report and claimed it to be “devoid of truth”. The ministry of youth affairs said the report was “sensational misrepresentation” and called it “an unfortunate and deliberate attempt to create a wrong impression.” It further added that it simply planned to strengthen and revamp the existing schemes: National Cadet Corps and National Service Scheme . The step is being done to address problems such as “manpower deficiency “, which is prevalent in both the institutes. The Ministry of Youth Affairs also added that it would have suitable representations from NCC and the ministry of Human Resource and Development. The Committee will deal with issues like expansion, strengthening training infrastructure, reducing manpower deficiency affecting NCC and NSS (National Service Scheme),” the statement read.

The NCC was started in 1948, the NSS in 1969. Both aim at involving youth energy towards national development and progress. However, they are not present in all schools and colleges. Though both these organisations provide a unique expansive exposure one is not sure whether the scheme should be welcomed or not.  The government pumping in money into these institutions does raise more than a few brows. It causes a skeptic to wonder whether the government has an ulterior motive of force feeding the youth its stanch nationalist Hindutva ideology which has gained criticism at various platforms. 

Youth Organisations such as NSS and NCC help broaden a student’s horizon, develop national tolerance, a secular outlook, a spirit of adventure and gain experience in community led programmes.  One needs to scrutinize with a critical eye the changes that the committee shall bring about in both the organisations.

Feature Image Credits – Hindustan

Bhavika Behal 

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