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Academics vs Activities: A Constant Tussle

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The tussle between academics and activities causes trouble to almost all students in the Varsity.  But why should such a situation arise at all ?

The students studying in the University of Delhi (DU) are among the top scorers in India. The level of competition therefore, is very high. And these students are good not only in academics but other activities as well. Societies constitute a very important part of the college. There are so many students who prioritize societies over classes. That can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.

It is difficult to choose academics or activities, if you have to choose one. I write about this choosing one simply because a point comes during college where you end up tripping, trying to balance between classes and society work. It is not an easy task to choose one, of course but when one has his/her priorities straight, it is not such a difficult task too. For example, in most of the colleges attendance plays a very important part in getting you the admit card for sitting in the examination. Now, when you are involved in an active society, you are to commit yourself towards it. Here, a confusing situation arises. Students often find themselves questioning whether they should go sit in the lectures for the attendance or go for the session of their society.

For all the newbies, here’s a suggestion: Take some time for yourself. Do some thinking. Get your priorities straight. If the lectures feel enlightening and you want to pursue your career in academics in the future, chuck the society. You are one human being who can only manage a couple of things at a time. And there’s no moral obligation here. Talk to your seniors if you find yourself in such a situation. They’ll understand if you’re lucky. Likewise, if the society means much more to you than classes, then go for it. Be honest and make your stance clear.

The thing however, is that this is not always a black and white case. We are encased within this system where we have to attend classes no matter how unhelpful we find them. What is the point of sitting in the classroom, listening to a teacher when your mind is focused on the students sitting outside under the light of the sun practicing their music? It is not just the academics that can guarantee us a successful career, after all.

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Akshada Shrotryia

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