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What to Expect After Choosing Sociology in DU

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Trend of Previous Cut-Offs

In the previous year, the cut off for B.A.(Hons.) Sociology varied from 97% to 78.5%, while that for OBC fluctuated between 96% and 65%. The SC and ST had to face the cut off between 95 – 65 % and 96 – 67% respectively. The highest cut off in all the four categories was set by Indraprastha College for Women.

Core Papers

In the first 2 semesters, the students are taught 2 papers divided in two halves named, ‘Introduction to Sociology’ and ‘Sociology of India’.

In the third semester, there are again two core papers named ‘Sociology of Religion’ and ‘Economic Sociology’.
Followed by two compulsory course papers in the fourth semester, named, ‘Sociology of Kinship’ and ‘Political Sociology’. There is an option between ‘Environment and Society’ and ‘Sociology of Gender

In semesters 5 and 6 again, the core papers ‘Sociological Theories’, ‘Methods in Sociological Research’ and ‘Social Stratification’ are divided in parts one and two for the respective semesters. There is are optional papers named ‘Urban Sociology’ and ‘Industrial Sociology’ in semester five, but none in semester six.

Discipline Specific Electives(DSE)

In semesters 5th and 6th, the students are given an option between the papers Urban Sociology, Agrarian Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Work, Sociology of Health and Medicine, Indian Sociological Traditions, Visual Culture and Reading Ethnographies. They select one DSE for each semester that they study along with their core papers.
Skill Enhancement courses

There are two Skill Enhancement Papers in the 3rd and 4th semester. The course includes ‘Reading, Writing and Reasoning for Sociology’ and ‘Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making’

Colleges that offer B.A. Sociology (Honours)

8 colleges in Delhi University offer B.A. Sociology (Honours) as a course. This does not only show the lack of colleges offering the course but also the lack of co-ed colleges in the list below.

Hindu College
Janaki Devi Memorial Collage
Jesus and Mary College
Kamala Nehru College
Lady Shri Ram College
Maitreyi College
Miranda House
Sri Venkateswara College

Career Options
After a Bacholars’ degree in Sociology, one can pursue higher studies. However, if one wants to directly enter a profession, one can chose to become a
Guidance counselor, human resource representative, lawyer, management consultant, PR Specialist, media planner, policy analysts, market research analysts.

Skills Learnt

Sociology helps a student to get away from the societal norms to question all their thoughts and beliefs. The students begin to see the harmony and disturbance of an individual and in the society as a whole. They begin using reason and discretion rather than social obligations to take decisions.
“Sociology, when actually applied, has helped me see things without preconceived notions and preconceptions. One could say, it has to do away with judgement.” says Nehal, a sociology student from Miranda House “Coming from various backgrounds, in a place like Delhi, especially with the diversity of students and teachers that end up here, it’s easy to be quick to judge and form ideas about what a person is like based on looks alone. However, sociology actually urged me to let go of the stereotypes that I and many others had in mind. The beauty of Sociology is looking at things as if we were starting afresh. Distinguishing between diversities and seeing and treating them all equally.”
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