DUTA Takes to the Street Against the Discrepancies in the Permanent Recruitment Drive

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The Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, has removed 43 and added 87 new faculty members to its more-than-one-decade overdue recruitment drive. The permanent recruitment drive at the University of Delhi has sparked a controversy as many ad hoc teachers who served the University for several years have alleged discrepancies in the selection procedure. The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) came to the rescue of the ad-hoc teachers by holding a university-wide strike today and marched while sloganeering from the Faculty of Arts to the Vice Chancellor Office. The march was followed by a public meeting.

Immediate recruitment and absorption of all the long-serving ad-hoc teachers was the prime demand. The selection procedure did not account for the University Grants Commission (UGC) recommended ’50/30/20′ formula where the first 50 points are for academic and research, 30 for domain knowledge, teaching skills and teaching experience, and 20 for the interview. The recruitment process results have not been declared yet. Teachers allege lack of transparency in the permanent recruitment drive.

Prof. Anil Kumar Vishwakarma who got sacked from Faculty of Law after the recruitment drive told DU Beat that, “There is no clarity in the ’50/30/20′ formula ordained by the UGC. If they had followed these then those who are teaching at the faculty for almost a decade should have been considered. The ad-hoc members continue to teach at the university after clearing internal interviews every six months. I, myself have cleared that interview five times.”

Dr. Rajib Ray, the DUTA President, told DU Beat that, “The senior teachers who have been serving the university for a long time should be considered and there should be complete transparency in the ’50/30/20′ rule coined by the UGC. All the information should be put in the public domain.”

The teachers are demanding an independent probe. The sacked teachers have resorted to the legal discourse.


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

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