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Winter Collection at Street Shopping Points

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The array of street shopping points dotted around the city provide a consistent supply of affordable fashion pieces throughout Delhi’s four-month-long winter season. Here we bring to you a bunch of photos documenting some of the most vibrant shopping points.

Sarojini Nagar- It is one of Delhi’s biggest and most important markets. It is a destination for every college student who’s out on a hunt for trendy clothes on a budget. From stylish clothes to fashionable junk jewellery, Sarojini Nagar never disappoints! It is an evergreen market for those looking to indulge in shopping without shelling out their entire month’s pocket money/salary. The lanes give you access to surplus clothing meant for export, which means you are very likely to find apparel from Zara, Forever 21, HnM or on occasion, even an Indian designer, for a fraction of their in-store prices. This popular shopping hub is thronged with hundreds of people daily. Even though Delhi is full of shopping complexes and markets, only handfuls are able to give you good value for money. In this aspect, Sarojini Nagar certainly tops the list with trendy clothing items starting at just Rs. 100/-

The Shopping Mall- Gurugram is known as the Millennium City since it is the home to many famous shopping complexes that host a variety of brands. However, you don’t always have to burn a hole through your wallet while shopping in. Much like Delhi, Gurugram also has its own market which can be compared to Janpath and Sarojini Nagar. The Shopping Mall, Arjun Marg can be found in the residential area of DLP Phase. This market is a shopper’s delight since it is not very crowded. This place offers you everything a traditional mall does but at very reasonable rates!

HUDA Market- The HUDA market is one of the most vibrant markets in Gurugram since it has a great footfall and immense popularity within the local residential community. Along with shopping for clothes and amenities, you can enjoy the delicious street food. Here you can find almost everything you need to be cosy and at ease this winter. From beanies to leggings, you don’t need to spend your entire allowance in order to keep warm.This market hosts a plethora of branded and non-branded winter wear at throwaway prices. 


Feature Image Credits: P.V. Purnima for DU Beat

Image Credits: P.V Purnima and Nitika Yadav for DU Beat

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