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Unregulated Attendance: A boon in disguise?

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Attendance is hardly a worry for DU students. But it might be the very thing that makes DU students different from others. It has its downsides, but it does encourage students to use their time in extra-curricular and engage in a whole lot other activities.

It is hardly a secret that many of the Delhi University colleges don’t quite regulate the minimum attendance required by students. As per the rule, students need to have an attendance of at least 67%. But as things stand, only a few actually abide by the policy and fulfill this criteria. And even though it might not be seen as something to brag about, it might actually be the trick to help students groom themselves. The university offers much more to its students than just plain studying and unregulated attendance might be the tool that triggers the participation level of students in various activities ranging from cultural events to society work. Because students are relieved from fulfilling the attendance quota, they are left with ample time to do something worthwhile. And that is when they use this opportunity by catering to their interests or pursuing other vocational courses widening their grid of learning and putting in the effort to do something beyond academics.

Today, students of the University, who are into theatre, dance or music devote day and night in practice and go on to perform in different cities, showcasing their talent and excelling in their respective field. While students who are into literature, entrepreneurship and fashion invest all the time they need to come up with something new. And if not these, others can join politics or even become a freelancer. This rebate of attendance given to students is the key to students being able to look into much more than just studying. At the college level, when everyone wants to shape themselves for the future, unregulated attendance acts as the factor that provides the students with an extra dimension of learning. It helps them possess an extra attribute which otherwise, wouldn’t even have been discovered by them. This freedom that the students get actually gives them the opportunity to explore more about themselves and ignites a passion in them to make the most of it.

Today, students of Delhi University participate and achieve in national and global-level competitions excelling in various arenas. They are adding much more than just a degree on their resume. They are adding an extra skill, discovering their hidden talents and doing what they like in free spirit. They are letting creativity meet potential to harness something more out of themselves. And none of it could have been possible without the freedom provided by unregulated attendance. So, the next time we think about why do DU students do much more than students from anywhere else, we all know what to thank for it.


Feature Image Credits: The Great Handshake

Karan Singhania

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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