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DU Closes Admissions for Fourth Cut-Off List; Seats Full in Majority Courses

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July 15th marked the commencement of the fourth phase of University of Delhi’s merit-based undergraduate admissions. Filling up to 90% of the seats in various colleges, the candidates will be hard-pressed to secure a seat considering most courses have closed admissions.

The undergraduate admissions cycle branches out into merit-based and entrance-based mode of admissions every year; with 50,000 seats out of a total of 56,000 reserved for merit-based procedure, through the announcement of cut-off lists. Officials of the varsity have remarked that 3,500 seats were secured in this leg of admission cycle, with a marginal figure remaining to complete the process.

Eyeing individual colleges, Sri Venkateswara has hit the cap on the number of seats. The Hindustan Times quoted the Principal P Hemalatha Reddy, who delineated, “We have approximately 1,150 seats, and we have approved 1,198 admissions. Almost all the courses will be closed for admissions, especially under the general category, in the next list.” Following close behind, Kirori Mal College has a hundred seats remaining; but, have declared closed the admissions for popular courses. Moving to Daulat Ram College, Principal Savita Roy briefed, “Even in sought after courses such as B.Com, B.Com (Hons) and English (Hons), we have a few seats remaining.” Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College still has doors open, especially for Science students. “We have filled approximately 570 out of our 800 seats. Though most courses are going to be closed, we still have seats in the science courses,” said an associate professor.

Like the previous cut-off trends, this admission cycle too applicants had to endure technical snags and cut-off chaos which plagued their experience. The next, and anticipatedly the last cut-off list, is scheduled to be announced on the evening of July 17th. The new academic session of the University begins on July 20th.



Feature Image Credits: Hindustan Times


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