Admissions 2017

Seats slashed for General Category students in Faculty of Law

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Students of the general category are now facing a tough competition ahead. Unlike previous years, the total number of 2,310 seats this year is inclusive of the supernumerary categories, which were reserved for:

  • Students with physical disabilities,
  • Children of war widows
  • Foreign nationals

This has been announced through a notification issued by the university on July 7. Hence, there will be only be 1,033 seats for general category students this year.

Previously, there were 2,310 seats in place which were meant for students in the unreserved category as well as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. The 310 supernumerary were separated from this. The new notification was announced days after the tussle between the Bar Council of India (BCI) and the Delhi University Law Faculty. The judgement then stated that the varsity must admit 2,310 students this academic session as opposed to BCI’s order of admitting only 1,440 students.

Earlier this year, the BCI stated the university cannot admit more than 1,440 students and that the university must comply with the Legal Education Rules, 2008, and place a limit on the number of students. The case then reached the Delhi High Court, wherein the university was allowed to admit 2,310 students for the LLB programme.

Hence, this year, the general category will have 1,033 seats as compared to 1,167 till last year. Now due to the reduction of seats for unreserved category, those in the reserved category will also face a slash number of seats reserved. The break up has been decided upon as:

  • OBC: reduction of seats from 623 to 552
  • SCs: reduction of seats from 347 to 307
  • STs: reduction of seats from 173 to 153

No details have yet been revealed on how the seats will be divided between the three centres: the Campus Law Centre, Law Centre-I and Law Centre-II.


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