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The Where and How of Setting Up Home

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First, comes college and then comes the accommodation dilemma! Do not fret; we’ve got it covered. Here are all the possible places to stay, to help you make your decision easier.

College Hostels

At present, twelve DU colleges provide hostel facilities. While most outstation students prefer college hostels to private accommodation, seats are as limited as only six students per course getting admitted. Admissions to college hostels are merit-based and beyond that, dependent on the region the student hails from. For instance, a student from Kanyakumari has a better chance of getting a seat than another student from, say, Ahmedabad with the same percentage. Moreover, students from the Delhi NCR region cannot apply to college hostels.


Getting admitted into a college hostel is very advantageous as accommodation fees are usually minimal and round-the-clock security is ensured. Other benefits include living in close proximity to the college building, no transportation costs, staying in the college library until late, etc. However, one drawback is that most college hostels, particularly for girls, have very early curfew timings. While this is the very reason most parents are keen on getting their children admitted to them, it may be disadvantageous in the long run as this prevents students from participating in many activities. Moreover, another drawback may be the fact that students have to pack up and move out their belongings after every academic year which becomes rather cumbersome.


It is important to note that hostel registration takes place independently of college admissions. Once your college admission is taken care of, you should go to the college hostel or warden’s office to register for the college hostel.

University Hostels

Another option, solely for girls, is the Under Graduate Hostel for Girls. It is a residence for full-time undergraduate girl students of the North and South Campus of the University of Delhi. The hostel complex is located at Dhaka, Mukherjee Nagar and boasts of a wide campus with seven blocks with a total of 344 rooms on double occupancy. Here, too, admissions are merit-based and seats per college are limited. The admission process of this hostel initiates rather late into the admission procedure, so it is wise to visit the hostel website from time to time to check up on the hostel prospectus and admission dates.

The University also has separate hostels for international students – both boys and girls. They are situated in North Campus and even provide a shuttle-bus service within the area. Students should visit the hostel for additional information.

Paying Guest Accommodation

Since acceptance rates in most college and university hostels run very low, most students opt for a private paying guest accommodation. The sheer number and variety of PGs may be daunting, but it all boils down to shrewd PG-hunting. Here is a comprehensive list of tips for the majority of you who will be opting for paying guest accommodation:

– For starters, approaching brokers is unnecessary.
– Begin by collecting phone numbers and addresses of PGs. Many put up posters and distribute business cards.
– Take a day or two and visit as many PGs as possible. Don’t finalise your choice instantly, take a night to evaluate the pros and cons of each establishment with your parents and only then make a decision. Remember, expensive may not always mean better! Be sure to check whether the electricity bill is included in the monthly tariff.
– While evaluating PGs, also check the toilets, kitchens, and balconies properly. Hygiene is key!
– Strike up conversations with PG residents for honest reviews.
– Never take PG owners’ promises at face value, as they’re shrewd businessmen.
– Sometimes, PG owners lower tariffs as the admission season ends. You may strike up a good deal at the last moment.

Rented Apartments

For starters, in case you do not have family or friends who are already living in flats, it is better to postpone staying in a flat until your second year. It is advisable not to settle into a flat with friends you’ve just met. Having said that, living in a flat may not be as daunting as most people suppose.

The North campus area, in particular, is very student-friendly in terms of securing good flats and cheap, durable furniture, and – in case you cannot cook – dabba-waalas. While resorting to brokerage when it comes to PGs is unnecessary, you have to opt for a broker while searching for flats if you do not already know anyone who is moving out of theirs. Brokerage fees are one-time and 50% of your rent. Rent varies according to the area with cheaper rates being at around Rs. 16,000 to 18,000 for a 2BHK flat in the North Campus area.

– Swareena Gurung
[email protected] 

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