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Every year, societies from colleges across the campus compete neck to neck and put up spectacular performances during the fest season. This year too, saw certain teams shine a little brighter than the rest. We bring you a series with college societies that put their heart and soul into their respective fields and took home the top prizes at various cultural fests.

The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions at competitive events held during various cultural fests of this season. Whenever a society won the first prize, they were awarded 3 points, for the second position they received 2 points and for the third position, 1 point was added to their tally.

For the fashion category, I Vogue, the Fashion Society of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce scored the maximum points with their tally being at 5 points. Galore, the Fashion Society of Maitreyi College and Glitz, the Fashion Society of Kamla Nehru College followed next with 3 points each and Glamoratti, the Fashion Society of Dyal Singh College placed third with 2 points.

The Winning Society at a Glance

I VOGUE, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

Smashing and slamming the doors on the predominant social constructs, I Vogue – The Fashion Society of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce has defended its position as the best college fashion society, second year in the row. Last year I Vogue wowed the audience with its theme of inclusion of LGTB community in the mainstream society. This year, I Vogue stepped up its game a notch higher wherein their ‘Fashion Army’ bombed the stereotypical notions related to religion, gender, sexuality and shot bullets of change at racist, colorist and body shaming prejudices.

Sarthak Kathuria, President, I Vogue – “I feel so proud maintaining our position at the top. Its two years in a row, woah! My team members and I  have worked really hard to prepare what we have showcased all over the fest season. We focus on taking up fresh and current issues that need to be dealt with in our society and showcase it in a way that the essence of fashion doesn’t get lost while conveying our message to the audience. This time we portrayed a ‘Fashion Army’ who was there to fight against the various stereotypes that prevail in our society related to gender and sexuality, Beauty (Body shaming and Racism) and also religion; it was all showcased in a cohesive manner to reach out to the audience and give them an opportunity to look at the realities of life with a broader mind.  We can proudly say that we have been the trend setters in DU and this time as well we brought ahead fresh ideas in terms of concept, designs, styling, choreography, music, etc. which is all purely done by the team members, without any outside help.We have always believed in following fashion and doing fashion on stage. We stay miles away from fancy dressing and that’s what I believe makes us stand apart. We brought our ideas to life without any funding from anywhere, but it all seems to have paid off well for us.
IVogue is like a family, we have been through the whole journey together and I feel each and every member has played their part very well. So three cheers to my amazing team, without which we couldn’t have had made this a success.”
Active Members

Sarthak Kathuria (President)

Harsh Kapoor (Vice President)

Head Designer and Stylist: Sarthak Kathuria

Choreography: Sarthak Kathuria and Harsh Kapoor

PR Team:
Manpriya Jain
Rishabh Dabas
Chayan Jain

Make Up and Hair:
Kanku Vyas

Other performing members:
Divank Satwani
Yash Tyagi
Jasneet Kaur Bhatia
Kangana Makkar
Harmeet Kaur
Prabhjot Batra
Jugti Bakshi
Harleen Kaur

Winner’s Tally: I Vogue

Eight college fests were referred to while evaluating the top societies tally this fest season which were: Tarang, LSR; Ullas, KNC; Tempest, Miranda House; Montage, JMC; Mecca, Hindu College; Reverie, Gargi College; Nexus, Sri Venkateswara College; and Confluence, Hans Raj College. Only a few of these fests held competitive fashion show events, and the society emerged victorious at the following:

1st Position: Ullas
2nd Position: Mecca

The society also won many accolades at various other colleges like NIFT, College of Vocational Studies and Dyal Singh College.

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