Admissions 2017

Of Interdisciplinarity and Innovation: B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences)

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B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences) at Cluster Innovation Centre. What is Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC)? The Cluster Innovation Centre, established in 2011, is an institution of University of Delhi. Located at Rugby Sevens Building, University Stadium, it seeks to foster an ecosystem of innovation and aims at connecting research with its practical application for the betterment of society. Currently, CIC is offering three courses:

  1. BTech (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovation)
  2. BA (Hons) Humanities and Social Sciences.
  3. M. Sc. (Mathematics Education)
What is the concept of B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences)? According to the official website, “B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences) seeks to enable students to draw upon the resources, talent and expertise available in different colleges. Instead of prescribing a fixed set of courses, this course presents an opportunity to the student to design his/her own degree. Inter and trans-disciplinarily will be encouraged for a holistic understanding of Humanities and Social Sciences.” There are 40 seats in total (reservation applicable as per university rules) and admission is sought through a written MCQ based entrance test conducted across centers in India. Currently, the fees is 5000 per semester. This course is divided into four streams. Namely:
  1. Journalism
  2. Art & Design
  3. Historical Tourism
  4. Counselling
  [caption id="attachment_49652" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Course Structure of B.A Hons Humanities and Social Sciences Course Structure of B.A Hons Humanities and Social Sciences[/caption] Course Structure: Of papers and projects. In the three-year programme, student will be required to take some basic papers in the first and sixth semester at the Cluster Innovation Centre itself. In semester two to five, students can choose three papers each semester from the large variety of courses available in various colleges. A student must take a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 papers from the stream she belongs to, and must not take more than 5 papers of any other subject. Other than taking papers from colleges, students will also work on a compulsory project work under the guidance of a mentor at CIC. The projects ensure that the students explore out of the classroom via field visits and surveys so that they can define and understand problems through social interaction and create innovative ways of resolving social issues. [caption id="attachment_49653" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The infrastructure at CIC The infrastructure at CIC[/caption] The pros and cons Since you’ll be changing colleges/departments each semester, there are chances of you developing a sense of detachment and instability. Besides, if you are not generally interested in disciplines of Humanities & Social Sciences, and are not ready to invest in project work (which often mean field visits and surveys) then this course may not be the best fit for you. However, the constant change, project works and the interdisciplinary trajectory will shape your self-reliance and will give you a holistic perspective towards life. The program essentially builds the leader in you and makes you very adaptive. Cluster Innovation Centre provides students with the top- opulent infrastructure, air-conditioned building, well-equipped computer lab, and free wifi which is like a cherry on the top. Join this journey for interdisciplinarity, innovation, and independence. It’ll be a little whirlwind, but definitely worth it. P.S- Intrigued and confused people will keep on asking you about the functioning of your course; you’ll spend a considerable time explaining the nuances and details of the same. Prepare accordingly. (With inputs from redefining boundaries project team) Niharika Dabral [email protected]]]>

Niharika Dabral is an average anti-national feminist who is currently pursuing Journalism at Cluster Innovation Center. This quixotically honest and technologically challenged Garhwali strongly advocates that Harry Potter must be included in elementary education. If you want to rant about how unfair life is or want to share something awful or awesome that needs to be reported then feel free to drop her a line at [email protected] 

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