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5 Things Every DU Student does in Winters

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Whine about 8:30 classes Morning classes played antagonists in the sweaty days of the summer, and their peculiar attribute of unhappiness is carried forward to the foggy days of January and February as well. Minds old and young can comprehend the struggle of waking up early in the morning and amassing all perseverance into stepping out of the warmth of the blanket, and the unfortunate result ends up being a sad zero in the attendance record. In the words of everyone, “Dear morning classes, go away, we don’t need you!” Problematise regular wardrobe selection As cute and adorable winter outfits might look and attract us with all their stylish supremacy, it might be a struggle to put together an ensemble of our dreams every chilly morning. The weather variations don’t help either; for a brief while, the mornings are a source of significant shivering and grumbles but the afternoon brings in the very bright sun, and all those additional layers of sweaters could never appear to be more redundant. To wear or not to wear, that is the question! Hog tea and coffees Hot beverages are to winters what F.R.I.E.N.D.S is to a binge-watcher. The perfect embodiment of love and warmth in a cup is what these sources of happiness provide, with the yearning for those plastic cups increasing with the decrease in the temperature! Your love for coffee or tea from Sudama’s during the times of winters can give the Gilmore Girls a strong competition at Luke’s! Bunk classes for funsun-time As the day processes and the sun conveniently moves out of the confines of the clouds, the inhabitants of every college begin their journey from the darkness and cold air of the classrooms to the greenery of the grounds which rejoice under the warmth of the bright yellow sky. Once the residents settle in the designated areas and bask in the rays of comfort, the motivation for attendance in the scheduled future classes is significantly minimised, for the gleaming sun is our personal heater! Schedule the fest timeline plans Fests and winters are synonymous to a Delhi University student. The semester which we have embarked on comes with the woes of attendance issues and incessant internals and assignments. The only saving grace amidst the cold and bleakness can be the bountiful of merriment which resides with the days and times of the fest season, and the abundance of them require planning regarding when to go and where to go! Have you done these yet?  Image Credits: DU Beat Saumya Kalia [email protected]]]>

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