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Never Have I Ever: Diwali Version

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You’ve played the game. You’ve shared bouts of laughter with friends over drinks, naturally. Now it’s time to give it a desi twist. Welcome to the ‘light’ version of Never Have I Ever! (pun intended)

Glimmering Guidelines (..like those candles)

1. No restriction as to the number of participants. Even if you can’t find anyone, we’ll be there for you.

2. Grab something to drink: water, coke, whatever you like the most!

3. We will state an experience starting with ‘Never Have I ever’ referring to something we’ve never done. If you have done it, be ready to drink.

4. Disclaimer: Being proud Indians, these experiences are not alien to us and we have engaged in the typical Diwali spirits. Don’t take us to be lame!

Get, Set, Diwali!


Never Have I Ever…checked the calendar to see which date Diwali celebrations fall on

Let’s be honest: part excitement for this radiant festival builds up if it lies on a week day. The lazy weekends complemented by the bonus holidays for Diwali tend to sweeten the festive spirit. Term it as wishful thinking for this year at least, for the D-Day falls on a Sunday!

Never Have I Ever…sworn to not burst crackers but ended up lighting the obligatory Phuljhadi

Gone are the days when a carton full of crackers would have induced excitement, the idea of no crackers has been proudly adopted by everyone above the age of 10 years. However, our infallible plan fails to see a minor shortcoming: the ritualistic phuljhadi which the whole family gathers to light to commemorate the festival of lights!

Never Have I Ever…participated in the mandatory house-cleaning Diwali Special session

Come October and there is a wave of festivities which takes the house by storm. There’s a certain probing factor which prompts you to keep things clean. Decorative ornaments are bought and tactically placed in the house. And do you, my friend, end up taking part in this frenzy?

Never Have I Ever…been ultra-excited for the picking out of lights

Close your eyes. Think about Diwali. What is the first item of interest which pings in your brain? Yes, a sublime picture of the lights illuminating the houses and streets! A major attraction for the event for some is deciding the shapes and types of lights to adorn your residence. Not something you liked to do?

Never Have I Ever…had a potential display picture clicked with a Diwali-centric background

Fact: Yellow flickers of diyas and candles, beautifully lit background and bursting crackers make for some stunning photographical placement. Having established that, if you have endeavoured to persuade someone to click a ‘candid’ picture which could very conveniently be your next Facebook display pictures, drink up!

Never Have I Ever…been dragged off to meet random Uncle-Aunties

Can Harry Potter ever be without magic? Similarly, can you survive the festive season without meeting some long-distance relatives/family friends/strange people you’ve heard never of?

Never Have I Ever…looked forward to Diwali!

The exodus of sweets which arrive intermittently, the ethnic apparels you line up to wear, the customary card games which lead to some very predictable failures, Diwali is so much more than a one-day festivity. It’s the seasonal holiday people enthusiastically prepare for year after year,do you?

Here’s a last drink if you Never Have Ever played a Never Have I Ever Diwali version drinking game. Happy Diwali!

Saumya Kalia
Image credits: ThisIsWhyImBroke, The Ellen Show

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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