BOOK REVIEW- A Feast of Vultures

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A Feast of Vultures to underscore this fact. The book A Feast of Vultures highlights the hidden business of democracy in India. Written by Josy Joseph, an award winning journalist the book brings to light the sad state of affairs spread across the democratic institutions in India. The book begins in one of the small hamlets of Bihar called Hridaychak. The story of Hridaychak displays how the government institutions work at top to build an ideal village which ironically damages the villages of India. The book further talks about the middlemen in Indian politics who deal with winning deals for their clients and reveals some starring examples of how corruption actually takes place in the high gardens of Delhi’s power corridors. It digs up past defense scams, black money cases and shady deals which peek into the dark secrets of the powerful. The book also discusses about power that the typists of top politicians yield and their indispensable role in driving deals for their masters. It also highlights how large corporations indulge in corruption, bribing and sometimes murders to rise in business and power. The book tells that you can get anything done if you can pay the right amount to the right people and later goes forward to argue for the same through all its chapters. How industrialists advertise themselves as biggest patriots while poisoning the drinking water streams of villages and spreading diseases in the areas they set up their factories, how people with deep interests in business use the parliament for their own benefit, how the most wanted terrorists and underworld dons control major business through their contacts and push their people into the parliament, how in the name of welfare schemes the government even strips the dead their rights to rest in peace. The book tries to provide all these answers and ends with a hope of a better tomorrow. The book is a must read for any student who wants to know what is wrong with our country. Feature Image Credits- Srivedant Kar [email protected]]]>

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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