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Donald Trump: Strictly American

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Donald Trump has been inviting quite a bit of antagonism from the world. While some of his policies can still be comprehended, the others seem to date back to ancient Greece. He has managed to consciously alienate almost the entire 34.6 million Mexican American populations as he sees them as economic parasites. While Donald Trump’s own wife is an immigrant, the basic vendetta is to not let the poverty that the Mexicans bring with them burn large holes in the American taxpayers’ entitlements. He has specifically targeted the Mexicans for majority brutal crimes in the country claiming that 2011 saw about 3 million arrests in the same regard.

Trump’s grand solution is to build a wall, not a metaphorical wall, an actual concrete wall. This wall is said to cost way more than the 8 billion dollars he claims it will. The Mexican Government will be forced to pay for their own misery. Until they make this payment, there will be a series of continuous attempts to drive them out of the country by suffocating them with revised policies. These policies include: Impounding all remittances payments, increasing fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats, increase fees of border crossing cards, increase the fees on all NAFTA worker visas.

The actual cost predicted by experts is said to be over 25 billion dollars and is most likely to increase a considerable amount over the years as maintenance costs will float above the countries like an ominous cloud.

Trump’s reign wants to get rid of all supposed unwanted weeds through deportation. Mexican and non Mexican immigrants make up a population of 11.2 million and driving them out of the country will take an easy 20 years costing the government an incredibly large sum of 400 to 600 billion dollars. It’s safe to say that the Mexicans now perceive Trump as a clown. Many single women dependent on their kids who send them means of livelihood from across the border will lose their survival in a flash.

Responses to Trump’s campaign are getting more and more predictable by the day. Even Pammi Aunty back in India is now trashing the candidate in her hilarious lassi dipped vines, comparing him to the sinister ‘Mother in law’ who seems to dislike everyone for a reason only they can understand.

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