Book Review: The Stolen Heart by Piyush

These days almost everyone is writing something as more and more people are inclining towards publishing mainstream literature. We have seen a lot of young authors amongst Delhi University students as well. But rarely do we come across a poet amongst us who can touch a cord with the reader and make him sit and ponder over his words for hours.
Piyush is one such young poet from Ramanujan College, Delhi University who recently published a book of some of his best written poetry. The book goes by the name ‘The Stolen Heart’ and is a collection of love poems, some based on isolation, solitude, emptiness, and even suicide. Piyush is a dedicated writer, and is often found reading books with avid interest.
A romantic, he finds solace in peace, nature, poetry, photography, books, and most importantly writing. Apart from these hobbies, he takes part in a lot of social work, and loves to travel. Basically, he is an intellectual who also has a very optimistic outlook towards life.
The poems in this book do not follow a blank verse format, but instead are properly rhymed with a message in the end. One thing I observed while perusing the poems was to notice how each poem started with a strange, elusive, image, which later on developed to something incredibly meaningful. By the end of each poem, the reader is left wondering what happened to the person being talked about in the poem.
Most of the poems are about love, but some are also about lonesomeness. ‘Suicide note’ caught my attention as it perfectly painted the picture of a person who is thinking of ending his life because he’s out of reasons to survive. Likewise, all the poems compel the reader to absorb in the message and cherish the poetries.

Sudisha Misra

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