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Legal Literacy – A DSLSA and DUCR collaboration

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Making at least  one person in every family legally literate is one of the integral components of DSLSA-DUCR’S vision of “LEGAL LITERACY”.

Our constitution has provided many fundamental rights to every citizen of the country but  unfortunately in the absence of basic legal knowledge citizens are unable to access justice due to the absence of legal literacy.

Legal awareness through radio programme is an initiative taken by DUCR which was initiated by DSLSA (Delhi States Legal Services Authority) to make every citizen legally aware and to make legally literate through this legal awareness programme. The programme was inaugurated on 10 February 2016. On this day the DUCR in collaboration with DSLSA started the radio programme for legal awareness titled “NYAY HUMARA MAULIK ADHIKAR”.

After the successful inauguration of the project, finally the day has arrived on the doorstep of DUCR and  the most awaited first episode was started and this chain kept growing with successful recordings of programmes with honourable judges/secretaries from different district courts.

The 11 episodes were recorded with 11 learned judges/secretaries nominated by DSLSA. Each judge was specialised in a particular subject.

Radio University

The enthusiastic DUCR volunteers and the Para legal volunteers also showed their keen interest towards the legal literacy programme and successfully covered the topics like sexual harassment, domestic violence, juvenile justice act, senior citizens rights, child rights.


In all the sessions, frequently asked questions like legal queries or perceptions of every second individual, were being put up before the judges. The judges with equal grace, keeping the target audience in mind, answered and explained the questions in a very simple manner.

The interactive session was successfully hosted and conducted by the DUCR Anchor Shikha Johari and there were other participants who are voluntarily based with DUCR and few other PLVs were also there who energetically raised questions during the interactive session. They were M. Gayathri, Ritu Gupta, Heena Vashishta, Priyanka Girder(PLV), RohiT (PLV) and Puneet (PLV).

University radio

The session was successfully recorded by the technical expert Mr. Zakir Hussain under the guidance of  Mr. Isaac John,  assistant technical consultant of DUCR.

Mr. Mohit Kumar Gupta is the leader of this project and also is associated with DSLSA and Para legal volunteer (PLV) AND MR.R.K SINGH is the incharge of this project.

It was an interactive session in which the volunteers came to know about many schemes, special laws and rights of citizens of this country. The main motto of this project is to spread legal awareness through radio programme to the people and youth who are the future shining star for a development and change in the country.

Heena Vashistha, senior volunteer at DUCR had this to say, “Being a student of SOL(school of open learning) i got an opportunity to join DUCR and also to participate in this legal literacy project. I coordinated this whole legal literacy project as deputy coordinator  on behalf of DUCR and also as a girl and citizen of this country. I got to know about many special schemes, rights and special laws ”.

Mr. Zakir Hussain, senior volunteer at DUCR, expressed his gratitude, “In this esteemed orgainsation i got to learn so much from editing to recording, OB and programme production and also got this oppurtnity to record and edit this whole legal proramme recordings and by editing this programme i got to know about many special laws and rights that every citizen must know and i believe that after broadcasting this episode, students and people like me will benefit and become aware about legal rights.” Mr. Hussain is a technical expert and a student of Arts Faculty.


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