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Food Review: Café Echoes, Satya Niketan

If you’re visiting this café for the first time, everything will seem to be quite normal until a highly courteous staff member greets you – with sign language. Gradually when you see many other workers like these, you realize that the whole staff is differently abled. Café Echoes might be a usual add-on to the already popular cafés in Satya Niketan, but its concept is undoubtedly different from the rest. All the orders are communicated through sign language and the waiters are ushered by ringing an electronic bell.


The first thing that catches the eye is the poster that reads – ‘Speak with your hands, Listen with your eyes’. The brick-textured, colourful walls are decorated with alphabets and their representation in sign language. One side of the wall contains the image of the “Three monkeys”. The ceiling is adorned with balloons, ropes, glittering balls and creative lamps. Overall, the atmosphere is characterized by utter vibrancy.

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Food and Menu:

The most interesting part about the menu is that it is accompanied by a note pad. All the dishes are allotted unique codes. The customers are required to fill in the dish code, quantity and customizations, if any. There are various flash cards used for facilitating communication with the waiters. They read – ‘Thank you’, ‘Bill Please’, ‘Call the manager’, to name a few. The food items in the menu consists of various variety in starters, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, wraps, hot dogs, Chinese, pizza cones, tacos, desserts and beverages. Each item comprises of a secret home-made ingredient. The first item we ordered was Sweet Chilli Fries. The dish had an impeccable sweet and spicy taste. ThFood review 3e outer layer was crisp and consistent which gave it an overwhelming flavor. The next item was the Barbeque Chicken Pizza Code. The chicken was decently cooked and the flavor was tangy and cheesy. Another impressive dish was the Double-Trouble Burger, which consisted of a fantastic combo of chicken and fried eggs. Talking about beverages, Strawberry lemonade was successful in giving a soothing, refreshing touch to the taste buds. Lastly, Waffle by the name of ‘Hello to the queen’ personally gave me the best dessert experience. It was topped with fresh fruits, whipped cream and honey, and the subtle, yet amazing flavor gave a wonderful end to our order.



Final Verdict:

Due to a significant exemption from taxes, the budget falls to roughly rupees 450 for two people, including beverages. Overall, impressive flavours, coupled with such a motivating cause, makes this café one of my personal favorites.

Credits: Lovleen Kaur

Lovleen Kaur

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