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Solo traveller from KMC plans trip along the Golden Quadrilateral

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With only his bike and a tent, Keshav Kumar will travel approximately 6100 kilometres and visit 13 states and 174 cities in 15 days to answer questions about women’s empowerment. Keshav Kumar is a 3rd year student from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, studying Geography (H). He is clearly not one of those who are content with reading the topography of the country in textbooks as he has been travelling alone to different parts of the country since two and a half years. He organises trips in his college as well but these are the only trips he takes with a group. He loves to travel alone and when asked why, he gleamingly said, “Because, it gives me peace.” Very recently, he has taken up a venture which is not only a means to escape the mundane routine of college life but serves a greater purpose. He’ll embark on a journey along the golden quadrilateral where he’ll cover approximately 6100 kilometres and visit 13 states and 174 cities in 15 days. His only companions will be the bike and his make-shift abode, the tent. Through this trip, he seeks to find answers to questions which are very often avoided or are left unanswered in our society. These questions are mainly about women’s safety and empowerment. Keshav will be visiting 20 different colleges ranging from the various IITs to IIMs where he’ll hold sessions with the youth and raise questions in front of them about how should a woman tackle her harasser, is blocking the oppressor the only solution to telephonic or digital harassment etc.  He says, “We often believe that the problem we are going through is limited to us and we then hesitate to share it with anyone else. This means no solution can be arrived at. This has to change. So, with these sessions, a common platform can be forged where the youth can realise that we all go through the same hell and solutions can thought of for the betterment of everyone.” He believes in the power of individual stories and is expecting a positive change to come from these sessions. Keshav also gives advice to the people who wish to travel alone but don’t know where to start. He says, “It is all about daring, about taking that first step.” He tells us that his first trip was to Rishikesh which was not at all planned and was an impulsive decision. But he knows if he wouldn’t have taken this decision, he’d never be able to do what he is doing presently.  So, if you really love travelling, go and make way for yourself. Image Credits: Keshav Kumar Nishita Agarwal [email protected]]]>

[email protected] A IInd year English(H) student from Daulat Ram College, whose idea of a perfect day is seeing herself coiled up in bed with an interesting book and strong coffee. A huge believer in binge-watching, she is currently following a plethora of series ranging from How to Get Away With Murder to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She can be found in the amphitheater of the college, sharing her love for debating with fellow members of the society. Known for her great sense of humor, she works everyday to overcome the only fear she has, the fear of remaining mediocre.

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