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Philosophy Department, IPCW organises National Conference on "Consciousness"

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IMG_9223-min This was followed by the second slot for the day, whereby more speakers threw light on the theme. Professor Rakesh Chandra, Lucknow University, Dr. Geeta Ramana, University of Mumbai and Dr. V. Sujata Raju from Daulat Ram College, were the eminent speakers who drew curtains on the day. The second day for the conference had rather lively sessions with contemporary topics related to the broader theme of consciousness. With themes like “Consciousness: Cognitive Possibilities” and “Deep Ecology and Consciousness” The speakers included Bonsai Practitioner Ms. Aradhna Malik , Ecological Scientist Seema Parihar  and Dr. Alok Bajpai, IIT Kanpur’s psychiatrist, among others including Dr. Harshbala Sharma from IPCW. The session was concluded with the Principal’s paper on consciousness in the present day context. All Image credits: Mr Guneet Singh, Faculty, IPCW Kritika Narula [email protected] With Inputs from Alisha Peesha]]>

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