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Éclat, the Economics Society of Daulat Ram College organises Economania’16

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Economania’16, the National Annual Economics Festival of Daulat Ram College was organised by Éclat, the Economics Society on the 1st and 2nd February. The event kicked off with the inauguration of the third edition of “Optima: Towards Excellence”, the annual economics magazine of the college. To grace this event, Prof. Jayati Ghosh, a renowned economist from Jawaharlal Nehru University, was invited to serve as the Guest of Honour. She entertained and inspired the budding economists with her powerful words on a highly debated issue, The Eurozone Crisis. Following the policy of ‘Each One, Plant One’, a sapling along with a memento was presented to her for her benign presence.

Throughout the two days, many fun-filled activities had been lined up which attracted students from different colleges.

The Argumentative Indian

It was a conventional debate organised on the first day of the event. The topic for the same was “Is good economics also good politics”.  The participants from various colleges put forth their arguments effectively. They looked at the topic from a global perspective and gave examples which included a number of real life instances and case studies. The judges Ms.Pooja Sharma and Mrs. Sumeet marked the participants meticulously. After the healthy debate and relevant interjections, the results were as follows:

  • Best team –Kushal and Sankalp, a Hansraj and Ramjas cross-college team
  • Best speaker (for) – Sankalp, Ramjas College
  • Best speaker (against) – PJ Paul, St. Stephen’s College
  • And best interjection – Akansh Rawat, Maharaja Agrasen


This was an event where students were seen trying to ignite the spark of quizzing within themselves by taking part in ‘Quizzark, the Brand and Corporate Quiz’. There were over 30 enthusiastic teams in the prelims, out of which the top 15 were selected for the second round “The Taboo Round”. Showcasing their general knowledge along with creativity, top 6 teams reached the final round. The results after the final round were announced and teams were given goodies and cash prizes worth Rs. 10,000.

The winners were:

  • 1st position: Sreshth Shah and Harsh Vikram (Amity university)
  • 2nd position: Shvabh Chakarwarti and Raktim Kumar Nag (DCAC and IGNOU)
  • 3rd position: Ankur Jain and Amrit Sindhu (DSE)

Paragon Chase

It was a treasure hunt which was enthralling for all participants alike. The two essentials for this chase were the perfect timing and decoding the correct numbers of clues. The winners of this event were:

  • 1st position: Anushka B Joseph,Hansraj College and team.
  • 2nd position: Shubhi Goel, Daulat Ram College and team.
  • 3rd position- Arjun, Kirori Mal College and team.

Business Class : Bulb Jalega Boss

This event saw participation from various DU colleges as well as other universities. Students showcased their innovative business start-up ideas and commendable entrepreneurship skills. The judging panel consisted of some of the pioneers in the field of business like Mr. Ashish Beergi, Cofounder of Mash Global Trust and Mr. Rohit Raj, Director of Sheh Hotels. The winners of the event were-

  • First position – Samuel Augustin of St. Stephens and Utkrishat Vashisht of CVS college, who showcased their exceptional business concept of ‘Paws for cause’
  • Second position – Rahul Narang, Suyash Chaturvedi and Yash Ujjwal,  of NSIT, with a unique business perception of ‘Urban Stich’

There were other events like Pictionary, E-bola, which was a round of Tambola, Ad Mad and Style Diva that kept the crowd engaged. The various food stalls with mouth-watering delicacies added to the fun of 2-day bonanza.


Inputs: Éclat, the Economics Society

Image Credits: Éclat, the Economics Society

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