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iOTA – An Initiative To Change The Lives Of Specially-Abled Artists

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Not everybody has the gift of art, and of those who do, not all are lucky enough to get their share of fame and recognition. This is where iOTA enters the frame. iOTA is a platform linking specially-abled artists to their prospective buyers.

Conceptualised by Megha, Preena, Pranidhi and Prateek, this is an endeavour promoting the art of differently abled artists with brilliant skills. As they rightly believe in ‘Canvassing Lives’, their motto, this group of young enthusiastic undergraduates from SRCC, Delhi University and IIT Mandi step in to redefine the lives of thousands of such artists by channelising their talent towards the deserved platform.

iOTA is entering the market by holding India’s first crowd -funded Exhibition for differently abled artists. For the same, they are putting up their campaign on the crowd funding platform ‘Desired Wings’ to raise funds for their maiden themed exhibition to be followed by theme based art exhibitions in multiple cities. iOTA is also developing an online bidding platform for artworks to remove the international barriers and attract art lovers from all over the world.

The artists that they have on board are from various sections of society, longing for the appropriate bargain for their artwork along with a respectable name. Here’s a small introduction of a few artists they have, besides others.

Sheela Sharma: Paints the world right with her left foot; her work defines empathy, love, bonding amongst others.

Shreekant Dubey: A renowned artist, he always carries the go-getter instinct and has his unique way of painting.

CV Surendran: Hails from Kerala, he paints with ball point pens and doesn’t let his paralyzed body affect his soul.

Amita Dutta: She suffers from bilateral hearing loss. Her style of coffee painting is one of its kind.

Vipul Mittal: An offbeat artist. Mute lips and silence is his world, but his art speaks a lot.

Shivraj Singh: A veteran artist, his well-crafted sculptures make up for his cramped legs.

Neelesh Ganesh: A 23 year old autistic kid, who paints music and god in his work.

Their crowd funding campaign will go live on www.desiredwings.com/iota on 1st February 2015 and the money will be used to organise their first exhibition.

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