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Gilmore Girls all set to be revived on Netflix

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The plot of Gilmore Girls follows the life of a single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory living in the fictitious town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. It captured the hearts of fans and critics in early 2000s for its rapid fire dialogue replete with numerous pop-culture references and for showcasing a unique mother-daughter relationship. At a time when mothers all over were pondering the idea of “being their child’s friend,” the show went beyond just creating the perfect mother-daughter relationship. Family values, education, ambition are at the very centre of the plot of Gilmore Girls. Due in no small part to this, the show garnered acclaim, including being listed as one of TIME magazine’s “All-TIME 100 TV shows” in 2007.

After over an eight year absence, it has been confirmed that  Netflix has closed a deal with Warner Bros. for a limited-series revival slated for arrival by 2016. The revival will be via four 90-minute episodes/mini-movies — a relatively unusual format for a TV continuation. According to an interview with the cast earlier this year, each episode will represent a different season over the course of one calendar year. In other words, there will be a fall chapter, a winter chapter, a spring chapter and a summer chapter. “Winter, spring, summer or fall… all you have to do is call…” just as the opening theme goes.

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of the series who left before the show concluded owing to contract negotiations, remained hopeful that she would get to conclude the Gilmore story on her terms, via a limited series or movie. “The beauty of Gilmore, and the beauty of family-relationship shows, is you never really run out of story,” she said. “Ten years later, there’s still going to be [material] there to mine and to delve into.” The storyline of the episodes/mini-movies will be based in the present day.

While we eagerly await more news, here are a few things we are looking forward to see!

Richard Gilmore’s funeral

The news of the renewal of the series is bittwerseet, knowing that Edward Herrmann won’t reprise his role as Richard Gilmore. But we have no doubt the series will honor its family patriarch with the dignified, classy farewell that Richard (and his portrayer) deserve.

Team Dean, Team Jess or *cringe* Team Logan

An update on Jess and Rory’s other romantic interests wouldn’t be half bad. There are only two scenarios that come to mind when we think of where Jess could’ve ended up. Either he wound up dead in a ditch somewhere or he really did get his act together after all. I, for one, will always be loyal to Team Dean (Jared Padalecki FTW)

Friday Night Dinners

Although it won’t be the same without Richard at the head of the table, Gilmore Girls without Friday Night Dinner is like Lorelai without a dying need of coffee and tacos.

A Luke/Lorelai Wedding

I want Luke and Lorelai together as badly as Emily Gilmore wants a competent maid. The show’s finale never really resolved the question of whether they actually end up together. Curious minds will be curious.


Amidst all the speculation, all fans echo the same sentiment and hopes of getting an ending worthy of the series. I have no doubt Amy Sherman-Palladino will deliver most exceedingly, as she always has. Nothing to do now but wait!

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