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The Auburn Umbrella

The Auburn Umbrella: Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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Most of us ask ourselves three most important questions before making a purchase of any piece of clothing. First- Is this item worth the price? Second- Is this something I will wear regularly? Third- Is the style one that will last? Here is a list of 9 winter fashion basics which you must-must have in your wardrobe for this winter. The list has been compiled in such a way that they effortlessly sync with almost every outfit and will keep you warm and stylish throughout the season. Buying such staple pieces will mean that you’ll always have something to wear, no matter what is in or out of fashion.




They are perfect for wearing underneath blazers, coats and sweatshirts. A light coloured knit, pair of ripped jeans and black ankle boots is the most classic way of carrying it. You may opt to pair it with a shirt or a dress as well. They are available in almost every colour, cut, and design. Buying good quality knits is never a waste and they should make up a significant portion of your winter wardrobe.

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Knitted and woolen gloves can be used on daily college basis to keep your hands warm while leather gloves offers a more sophisticated look. One may also opt for Agloves, which helps in using the touch screen devices. You can shop them from the following link:






Adding a scarf, makes the basic look new and fresh. They are not too pricey, can be used in almost every weather condition and also keep your chest and neck warm during winters. Reasonable quality scarves of different colours and patterns can be shopped from Sarojini-Nagar or Lajpat-Nagar market at cheap prices.






Whether heeled or not, they are undeniably versatile as you can pair them with any outfit without giving a second thought. Don’t be afraid of spending a bit more for good quality as you’ll be spending a lot of time in them. Also, black is a safe option. It can never go out of style.





Plenty of different styles of beanies and hats are available that helps in keeping your head warm. One may opt for slouchy or a fitted one, according to their face type and style. A bright coloured beanie may not go with every outfit so choose the colour accordingly.





A short woolen dress, a pair of tights (optional) along with sneakers or boots is the easiest way out when you don’t feel like pulling another pair of pants. As a matter of fact, it goes with most shoes and can be paired with a coat or a jacket.






Woolen or fur, a well-tailored winter coat offers enough room to accommodate a sweater and keeps you warm. You can team it with a pair of tights and woolen dresses. They are available in sorts of length (waist or knee length), sizes, designs and colours. Coats in subdued colours like black, grey, dark blue or camel will be on high rotation in winter months as they go along with almost every outfit.





They are perfect for wearing with dresses and skirts in winters. They come in different colours and designs, but for the starters solid black is most preferable option.







Blazers are light-weighted, easy to carry, warm, versatile and CLASSY.



Tamanna Goel

[email protected]

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