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Women’s Development Cell of Lady Shri Ram College organised #AbortheStigma

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The Women’s Development Cell of Lady Shri Ram College for Women(LSR) organized an event, in line with the social campaign #AbortheStigma, on 29th September in collaboration with CREA and Youth Ki Awaz on the topic of abortion and the issues related to it. It dealt with the issue as faced at the grassroots level, targeting sexual and reproductive rights of women.

The interactive session began with the speaker, Surbhi from CREA, questioning the audience on what struck them when they heard the word ‘abortion’, followed by a survey, in the form of a video, which asked various people about their views on abortion. It was astonishing to know how people lacked basic knowledge about whether abortion is legal in India or not. It invoked a feeling of restlessness and concern in the audience who found the answers to be absurd. It created a forum for the students to raise questions about how a woman’s womb is being objectified and how loose moral judgments are passed for someone who goes through an abortion. The entire debate then shifted towards the lack of knowledge amongst the general society on the difference between sex-selective abortion and other cases of abortion. Due to such differences in mindset amongst people, this campaign took birth to address such issues, sensitize people through online articles, web-comics, podcast etc. The session also discussed certain misconceptions associated with abortion and spoke about how the word ‘choice’ could have different shades to it.


Overall, the session saw various perspectives being put forward with respect to abortion and invoked in everyone’s mind a debate on the pro-life/pro-choice activism. It was an enlightening lecture which gave space to the students to raise their questions.

Ishita Sharma
ishitas@dubeat com

Image credits: Aditi Priya for DU Beat

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