Bazinga: Candidate’s biceps grow 6 inches from shaking too many hands

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It is well known that elections in the Delhi University leave deep environmental impact in colleges. In a bizarre turn of events, we’ve been introduced to a different impact as well this time. Mast Dola, a candidate for the post of a Central Councillor from an off-campus college, realised his biceps have beefed up when he finally went to the gym after losing the elections that involved a lot of handshakes.

“I love shaking,” he said. “Sometimes they would tell me they don’t want to shake my hand but I would shake their hand anyway. I thought that’s what wins you elections”. Dola said he did feel a little stiff but didn’t realise the extent of the impact until he measured it. “I biceps grew by 6 inches. My parents were shocked. My gym trainers have introduced a special package in the gym now – they call it the ‘DUSU package’. It’s only available for DU students,” he said.

Dola has now moved on in life from the loss in the elections. “I may have lost the elections but I won at life,” he said. He is doing public speaking sessions these days and is also known to be finishing his autobiography called ‘6 inches’.

Disclaimer: Believe Bazinga only at your own risk!

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