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Passion and determination key elements at SRCC Youth Conference 2015 day 1

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SRCC Youth Conference, is a two day long conference organised by Shri Ram College of Commerce, features distinguished personalities from diverse fields every year. They narrate some of the emboldening moments, downfalls, and visions of their lives and thereby inspire the building pillars of this nation, i.e. youth. It is being held on the 18th and 19th of September this time.  The theme for the conference this year is ‘But The Victor Carries On,’ which accentuates primarily on the will to achieve something despite all the odds and to believe in one’s own competences.


Shri Rajnath Singh, Union Home minister and former BJP President, was the first one to take the stage and he subsequently emphasized on India becoming the world leader and an economic and intellectual power by utilising the youth of the country (referring to the latest example of Sunder Pichai becoming CEO of Google) and economic development being a significant backing. He also talked about Thomas L. Friedman’s article ‘Infosys vs Al Qaeda’ and over their disparities- Boon or Bane? Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia , the ‘Maharaja of Gwalior’ and  former Union Minister of State for Power and a  Member of Parliament from the State of Madhya Pradesh from the Guna constituency, highlighted the importance of being empathetic towards our fellows, especially in times of need and desolation. According to him, we as leaders must talk less, listen more, look at the things that are not there and ask why not, and last but not the least, follow our passion heedlessly. Rahul Kanwal, news anchor and Editor-at-large of Aaj Tak and India Today Television, invited questions from the audience and thereby led to an enriching interactive session. On being asked about his views on modern media losing its spirit in the chase of stories, he responded by saying it is quite like the chicken and egg adage. He elaborated it with the recent publicity of Sheena Bora case; how a successful story might not be a great one and might as well be a TRP killer instead.


Kalki Subramaniam, transgender rights activist and celebrity from Tamil Nadu, was the fourth speaker of the day.  She spoke about her being transgender but feeling feminine at the same time and encouraged the audience to appreciate their individuality. She talked about how she was abused by not only her classmates but also her teachers and expresses her resentment while she was sent to a mental health facility so she could be treated of this “disease.”

Benny Prasad, Guinness Record Holder and musician, spoke about his struggles in life like how his school gave him a 10th class passing certificate on a condition that his parents would take him away and  consequently the school could hold its record of 100% pass percentage. He convinced the audience to never trust the world thoughtlessly as they might toss you away after the completion of their self-motivated interests. He was followed by Arunabh Kumar from TVF Pitchers fame who talked about going from job to job looking for the work that would satiate his desires- after having worked in 17 different jobs, he said he’s finally living the life with The Viral Fever.

The first day of the conference was ended by a Music Panel Discussion with Mr. Nikhil D’Souza, Ms. Sona Mohapatra, Ms. Hard Kaur and Mr. Vijay Nair moderated by RJ Swati. Where Hard Kaur, well known for speaking her mind, talked of the hardships she faced in order to retain her identity and get accepted as a serious musician at same time, Sona Mohapatra and Nikhil D’Souza brought up the topic of Bollywood vs. independent music. To close on a high note, the artists performed for the audience.

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Update: Here’s all that happened on day 2 of SRCC Youth Conference 2015.

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