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I got 99 problems and taking a stroll at night ain’t one

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Since childhood, she has been escorted by a chaperone, initially her father, brother and later her boyfriend/husband. Does this have to do something with her being delicate?

No matter how much we as women try to protect ourselves from getting into problematic situations, we encounter many on a daily basis, like being followed on a deserted road or falling victim to someone’s abuses.

We don’t have to silently accept what society has in store for us. So, ladies, here are some ways for us to look after ourselves and also take a step closer to independence:


  1. Just by projecting a “force presence,” you can avoid many altercations on the street. You can always shout to catch the attention of other pedestrians but in case you’re all alone, pretend to be on call with someone and act as if your friend is waiting for you down the lane. If it’s impossible to avoid the attacker, you need to end the confrontation with a high-impact attack with your bag or any object as quickly as possible, then run for help.


  1. While travelling by a public bus, be aware of those around you. If the coach is mostly unoccupied, sit close to the driver. Likewise, you should rightfully ask for the “reserved seats for women” while travelling in the metro and prefer boarding the women’s coach.


  1. If you are cornered by a robber and he asks for money, toss it away from you at a far distance and bolt in other direction. Also carry your license, plastic money or anything more valuable that you can’t afford to lose in your denims.


  1. Never really entirely on self-defence tools like pepper sprays. It might not work on a person wearing a pair of sunglasses or a mask. Trust your gut; It most often turns out to be right.


  1. To women who think they’ll anger the attacker and get hurt worse if they defend themselves, it is actually the opposite. Statistically, you’re better off surviving if you do fight back. Aim for the eyes first and the groin second. The elbow followed by your knee, is the strongest point on your body. However, if you’re attacked by a person with a knife or a gun, you need to try to avoid confrontation and get away instead of picking up a fight.


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Tamanna Goel

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