Indraprastha College for Women

IP College’s Translation Centre and museum-cum-archive

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IP College for Women, one of the oldest colleges in Delhi, is currently in its centenary decade. As part of the celebrations, the college has set up a translation centre, as an extension to the college library on campus. Apart from the translation centre, the college plans to open a recently built museum and archive to the public. The existing archives are being renovated, upgraded and digitized and are being shifted to a larger center. This center will house various documents and books in a multitude of languages and will aim to promote research in translation studies as well.

The library on the campus had a large collection of various language texts, including Punjabi and Bengali. Soon after these departments shut, the books were shelved and catalogued by the Principal. Soon after, the college acquired rare translations of the Ramayana and Padmavat in Persian, from the Rampur Raza Library. Subsequently, the plan to enhance the existing archives was given concrete shape.

The museum-cum-archives will have two digital kiosks with projection facilities where small groups can watch films. Lectures on translation studies will also be conducted. The museum aims to provide a micro perspective on the transition in education from colonial to postcolonial times.

“Given that Annie Besant was among the people associated with the college, we are not just a part of the history of the city, but also the national movement for independence,” explains Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf, Principal of the college.

Several other initiatives have been undertaken by the college as part of their centenary celebrations. The college will also introduce research grants for undergraduate students soon and will host a round table conference on Gandhi which will culminate in national and international events.

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