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Popular Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow

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Let’s face it, browsing our Instagram or Facebook first thing in the morning is our religion. Our Instagram feed has helped us survive the torture of dreary lectures and the monotony of social gatherings. Twitter remains a relatively unexplored avenue for majority of people, but it is widely garnering the popularity it deserves. Universities and Colleges have joined the wagon of social media marketing and have started publishing admission alerts. People in fashion are live-tweeting events and writers are initiating book clubs. Twitter has become an essential part of any multimedia strategy now. It has been widely acknowledged that Google before you Tweet is the new think before you speak.

Of all the recreational accounts to follow, here’s our list of some amazing Twitter and Instagram accounts you need to follow right away!


1. Fear Average (@FearAverage)

Staying highly motivated is essential, be it to conquer the world or to make yourself a decent breakfast. Fear Average spices up your feed with these daily doses of motivation and encouragement. A quote here and there is enough to jolt your bones awake and instil in you the confidence to complete those wretched To-Do lists.

2. The College Life (@TheCollegeLife)

This twitter account is college life summed up. They are hilarious, they are spectacular and their tweets are on point. This just goes on to prove that the struggles of college life are universal and we’re all in this together!

3. WordsPorn (@wordsporn)

Be prepared to be astonished and amazed by their daily published poems, quotations and #wordsporn images. There are several twitter accounts on the same lines as WordsPorn, like Poems Porn (@PoemsPorn) who share excerpts and poetry.Both these accounts are widely loved.

4.  TED Talks (@TEDTalks)

There are several TED fanatics on Twitter who make sure that you are never disappointed by your twitter timeline. The official handle of TED shares not only their widely applauded talks but also live-tweet various events and summits.

5. Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow)

She is not just hilarious on her shows but virtually too. Her tweets are most people’s daily dosage of awesome and sarcasm. In her own words, “My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.”



Instagram has acquired many religious followers over the past couple of years. You can find designers posting about fashion weeks, or companies promoting their products. There’s an entire community of writers, photographers and readers who are readily capitalising on Instagram’s reach and access.

1. Mr.  Narendra Modi (@narendramodi)

Yes, it’s true! Taking his social media strategy to a whole new level, the Prime Minister of India, Mr.  Narendra Modi joined the world of Instagram quite recently.

Mighty & magnificent! In the lap of nature, among the beautiful Himalayas . #Nepal #SAARC #Himalayas

A photo posted by Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) on

2. Beyonce (@beyonce)

The platinum selling recording artist Beyonce Knowles, also referred to as, QueenB,  is the third most popular Instagram account with more than 26 million followers. Her “beehive” is the most committed community of followers.


A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

  3. Guardian Cities (@guardiancities)

Their picturesque homepage could easily be termed the photographer’s paradise. Travel the world vicariously with them!

This is @oheleno and this is the final day of my one week take over of @guardiancities to showcase my adopted city of #Tbilisi Anyone that has been to #Tbilisi will recognise this landmark: The Bridge of Peace. It is the bow-shaped pedestrian bridge over the Kura River, connecting the charming dilapidated streets of Old Tbilisi with a new development on the other side of the river. I must admit, when I first arrived in Tbilisi, I took a disliking to it. Its glassy and alien-like appearance seemed at odds with the rest of the city. Some if its detractors have likened its shape to a giant sanitary towel, nicknaming it the ‘Always Ultra’ Bridge. Yet, symbolically I have come to appreciate what the bridge does for the city. After years of civil war in the early 90’s and the 2008 war with Russia, monuments like these remind us that Georgia is a forward-looking and dynamic country, hurtling towards the future. You can follow my takeover all week on #oheleno_guardiancities A photo posted by Guardian Cities (@guardiancities) on

  4. Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere)

Gary Arndt  was awarded the 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year. He has been on the road since  2007 and has travelled over 100 countries and all 7 continents. Join his journey as he posts bits and pieces of his journey on his feed.


5. Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths)

Carin Olsson is a photographer who moved to Paris in 2012 and has been posting dazzling and gorgeous photographs of her life in Paris. You will not regret following her account!

Every Monday morning should start with a sunny coffee date and a side of @laurenloubate ???? A photo posted by Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) on

6. The Good Quote (

As is evident from their name, they share motivational quotes to inspire you to live your life with positivity. Part of the Good Vibes community, they have gained much fanfare in the recent months.


For health and fitness quotes, follow @thegoodfitness


A photo posted by Positive & Motivational Quotes ( on


There is an entire world of celebrities and companies on social media who are attempting to publicize their initiatives. There are celebrities for you to stalk and spam, there are shopping stores offering amazing offers, and there are employers wishing to connect with you. There is something for everybody on these platforms. Get set, explore! Share your favorite accounts with us!

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