Bazinga: DU comes up with an ‘innovative’ idea to curb ‘Holi hooliganism’

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In the past, Delhi University has come up with many preventive measures to keep a check on ‘Holi Hooliganism‘. It has issued 13-pointer guidelines to all college and department heads. Deployment of mobile patrol squads, setting up of helplines in the North and South campuses and restricting the entry of outsiders into colleges are some of the provisions taken by the university to maintain law and order in all campuses.

But apart from that, the University has also come with up an innovative idea for the same, this year.

In a recent letter to all college heads, the varsity has instructed the heads to give power to the department heads who in turn will empower selected students, in one aspect. They will now have the power to punish those found guilty of eve-teasing or ragging. Those found guilty of harassing or eve teasing will have indelible ink applied on their foreheads as a mark of their bravery.

The ink is similar to that used in elections during voting. On being asked whether this new measure is bit over the top, DU officials replied, “This is really unnecessary. Delhi police officials will be present and teacher-student committees have been formed. The university has even contacted the DTC authorities to check ragging and harassment in buses.”

The student community, however, is very much pleased with the turn of events. On being asked about their opinion on the same, one girl student replied, “This is a great idea! I believe this should be done in all universities and not just DU. Let’s see those (word omitted) commit such acts now”.

From such an enthusiastic response it can be gathered that there is no opposition from students on this issue. Though this move by the university has sparked many opinions on the topic, DU seems very determined to maintain law and order for Holi. Keeping in mind the nature of incidents which occur during the festival this new move seems like a sure-fire way to suppress anti-social activities of any kind.

Happy Holi guys!

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