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Five famous street plays from the fests of 2014!

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nukkad nataks’ are performed daily by hundreds of students from numerous theatre societies. 2014 saw a bunch of offbeat thought-provoking street play performances which managed to win all hearts.

‘Rehaayi’- Hansraj Dramatics Society, Hansraj College

“Salaakhein humko kya hain roke; Kaid hain apne hi pinjre mein.” These soul-stirring lines managed to justify the plight of the mentally ill criminals lying in various jails across India. ‘Rehaayi’ brought to light the need to understand the agony of such criminals- the need to hear their part of the tale. Hansraj Dramatics Society was widely applauded for the unconventional concept of the play along with many other awards the performers won. IMG_31502342483922

‘Chidiya ki Kahaani’- Manchatantra, S.G.G.S. College of Commerce

Out-rightly and rightly challenging the shackles of patriarchy that vehemently clasp our society, ‘Chidiya ki Kahaani’ gained appreciation for the aptness of the theme. As the performers emphasised ‘Virodh se hi virodh paida hota hai’, the play seemed to touch a subconscious thought in every mind. The team managed to win lots of prestigious awards in the competitions it participated.

‘Bas Samajhne ki Baat Hai!”- Vayam, Shivaji College

‘The elderly have made us what we are today; we owe our past, present our future to them.’ Believing in this fact, Vayam, the theatre society of Shivaji College performed ‘Bas Samajhne ki baat hai’ emphasising on our responsibility towards the elderly and how they deserve every bit of our love and respect to them. Dexterously bringing across the message, the play was certainly one of the most famous ones in 2014. IMG_31292121128377

Sarkar Raj, The Players (Kirori Mal College)

Drawing out a relationship between the ‘Sarkar Raj’ pre and post independence, the street play by and large talked about how the influential authorities in India manage to make their way out; actually imposing their ideologies on people. Predominantly focusing on the chaos over imposition of FYUP, ‘Sarkar Raj’ highlighted the ambiguity of the scenario the imposition followed. It was highly popular among students since almost every DU student could relate to it.  

‘We, the people!’- Ankur, S.G.T.B Khalsa College

The name said it all. The play drew out the value of an individual’s vote and opinion in the kind of democracy we have in India. Simply but strongly bringing across its message, ‘We, the people!’ bagged the college a lot of acclaims, bringing ‘Ankur’ in the list of top drama societies across DU. IMG_31809893850316  ]]>

Arushi Pathak is a (over-enthusiastic) senior pursuing Economics Honours from DU. The Associate Editor at DU Beat, she is an avid debater and can’t refrain from expressing her opinion over everything. Somehow obsessed with New York City (and all sitcoms set in NYC), she day-dreams to live there soon. She is a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan and can’t have enough of tragedy-themed novels. She believes that she has got the best of both worlds-Economics and Journalism. Always ready for a pep-talk or a life-changing discussion equally readily, she can be contacted at [email protected].

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