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His Holiness the Dalai Lama graces Kalindi College’s ceremony

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th Dalai Lama visited Kalindi College on 28th January to grace the occasion of the college auditorium’s foundation stone laying ceremony. The highlight of the ceremony was his talk which was on the bond between compassion and education. The event, which was held at the college’s amphitheatre, saw a large audience with students and teachers from various colleges. The session began with a song that had been written and composed by the college’s music department especially for this occasion. The guests for the event were then felicitated. Following that, the Principal of the college, Dr. Anula Maurya addressed the students and spoke about the Dalai Lama’s life in brief. She mentioned the three values he lives by; fighting for basic human values, promoting inter religious harmony and the preservation of the Tibetan Buddhist monks’ culture. Professor Dinesh Singh, Delhi University’s Vice Chancellor was then invited to welcome His Holiness. “We have been blessed because the Dalai Lama has chosen to be present here”, he said. He asked the students present to pay heed to his words because education, in his opinion, is nothing if it doesn’t create compassion. After Professor Sahu, Chairman of Kalindi College’s Governing Board addressed the crowd, His Holiness took to the podium and began his talk. He spoke about compassion as a basic human being and how we often get caught up with what he called “secondary level of differences” which included factors like gender, nationality and religion. He mentioned that humans can go beyond merely the “biological affection” that is ingrained among all animals, like the bond between mother and child. As humans, we can go further and extend that to those around us—relatives, friends and even complete strangers. He talked about research studies that had shown the importance of affection and love for the development of the human brain, and that those who receive less affection often grow up to be insecure and fearful.

According to His Holiness, ancient Indian knowledge was very advanced and ahead of that of the West. With this rich tradition of knowledge existing in India, he felt that it is strange that the country is obsessed with “modern technology and knowledge”. He then spoke briefly on how education can lead to compassion and commended the college for its work with underprivileged children. He said that intelligent, educated and warm hearted people were often the happiest. He also mentioned the importance of showing respect not only to those from other religions but to atheists and non- believers too. After that, there was a short prize distribution ceremony for a competition held in the college on Good Governance Day last year. Students were then invited to ask His Holiness questions for an interactive session. He was asked about compassion leading to more knowledge, showing compassion to the violent and about his years in exile. The event wrapped up with a Vote of Thanks by the Vice Principal of the college.]]>

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