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Ban Ki-moon delivers lecture on ‘India and the United Nations in a Changing World’

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His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations’ Secretary General delivered a lecture on ‘India and the United Nations in a Changing World’ at the Indian Council of World Affairs last week. The Secretary General spoke about India’s accomplishment in peacekeeping and the potential the country holds in this sector.

Coming to New Delhi after a long time, Mr. Moon was nostalgic about his association with the country. He said, “What I am here started from here, whenever I come back to Delhi I become a full man.”

Mr. Moon emphasised on the potential of India as a driver for peace. “As the world’s largest democracy, India has a lot to teach the world”, he said. He mentioned how there are about 8000 Indian peacekeepers serving in the United Nations where two out of every three of them serve in an ongoing conflict.

Stating how South Asia faces the threat of nuclear weapons, he also called on India to renew its leadership in disarmament. He emphasized on how the world is looking for a secured visional environment which requires an engagement between India and Pakistan through growing bilateral agreements.

Mr. Moon also stated that we all together have to ‘make it green in India’. “By respecting the environment, we can grow economically”, he said.

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