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The best and worst scenarios of studying for exams in the hostel

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The semester exams are here and while some are moving forward with their 2nd revision, some of us are still fretting and getting each and every reading Xeroxed! For outstation students, who choose to stay back during the prep leave, this time is especially hard and gloomy.
There’s a whole lot of difference between studying in a hostel and at home. Check out why!

Because life starts and ends with it. While at home ‘ ghar ka khana ‘ and junk is at your disposal at all times , not so much in a hostel. And what do you do when you can’t even identify the food they’ve made? Sulk or just make maggi , because having maggi for breakfast just wasn’t enough for you.

Different studying patterns
So you’re one of the early risers whereas your roommate’s light is switched on the whole night because she’s one of those owls who prefer to burn the midnight oil. A few days like these and you know how to pack yourself neatly inside your comforter with bare minimum air supply for the entire night. Your good dreams comprise of your bed sitting on top of a cloud, surrounded by nothing but silence and no roommates and no lamps. This is pure bliss, and now, it’s morning!

You can dirty as many clothes as you like and sometimes just give them away for washing even if you’ve worn them just that one time at home. But you’ll think plenty of times before putting that t-shirt you’ve been wearing since 2 days in the laundry basket, because you know you’ll be the one washing it 5 days later when you have no clothes left to wear. Not even the shabby, old t-shirt thrown away at the back of your cupboard!

Now, for the silver lining. Oh yes there is!

Delhi winters and North Campus
Just when you can’t take it anymore, step out, go for that long walk around the campus (especially the Hindu- Stephen’s road as it’s not that crowded). There’s something about the cold winter air which gives you just the right amount of happiness and energy to deal with exam stress. Take a detour and have a cup of steaming hot chai from one of the street tea-vendors, mostly seen in Kamla Nagar.

Random dinners
Impulsive dinner plans are the best, aren’t they? Because your mom isn’t that cool to let you go out for dinner with your friends when exams are on your head. But you are your own boss here, so go ahead and order up! (But make sure you come back before 8pm, because, well, you do have an in-time here.)

No matter how annoyed you get by them, you know you love the sadistic pleasure you get , when you see her or his face buried in that book! Seeing this just makes it a tad bit easier for you to go back your own.

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