Review : Angry Birds Transformer – Drastically Different yet Immensely Intriguing!

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Arguably the most renowned game on handheld devices- the Angry Birds, is back! This time, they have teamed up with your favorite convertible robots – the Transformers (Angry Birds + AutoBots = Angry Bots?!) With each addition, Rovio has added a new flavor to the game, yet has always managed to retain the simplicity & familiarity in the gameplay. Angry Birds: Transformers, however seems to be an attempt of renovating the whole franchise – it’s not the same game! Does Rovio succeed in its effort?

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The only thing familiar about this new version is the title (Angry Birds), apart from that it has been revamped in its entirety.  The slingshot pull-release gaming style of throwing birds on complex structures to kill the evil pigs in minimum attempts has been completely reconstructed.

The birds and the pigs have now transformed into shape changing robots – Autobots and Decepticons respectively.

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The gameplay now involves your character continuously running sideways across the screen, while shooting at pigs & other objects in his way. You need to tap on screen to guide the direction of his shot.  The better your aim, more points you win at the end of each run. There are multiple characters including Optimus Prime & Bumblebee, each with his unique weapon, vehicle and target lock. . The pigs are (again) in various structures and you can shoot strategically, causing maximum damage in minimum shots. The cutscenes are funny and along with comic strips, now have videos.

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The characters upgrade as you progress further and gain new powers & capabilities. The first upgrade lets you transform into vehicles and that where the game get more fun.  Being a free game, it also features paid upgrades, time restrictions, video advertising and other freemium features, all of which are available through optional in-app purchases.    The game now features superior graphics, infact, they are too good for an Angry Birds Game. The minimalistic feel of the game is gone and this can be a little counterproductive.

The game is now heavier at around 100MB ,Angry Birds: Space was under 50MB

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Angry Birds: Transformers isn’t like any of its predecessors. It could have easily been a different franchise. However, the game though different, is still addictive. Unusual in the beginning it slowly grows on you and once you get comfortable with this new reality of Angry Birds, you would love it. The game may not appeal to everyone, especially the conservatives, as the sling based game has been transformed into an auto-running shooter.

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Install without expecting any resemblance and you are in for a treat.

Angry Birds : Transformers has been available on Android (from 30th October) & iOS (15th October) for FREE!


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