Bazinga: Fee refund for outstation students attending first day post mid sem break

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Losing the fight against lack of attendance right after summer and mid-sem breaks, the DU administration is preparing to leave no stone unturned this year. In the same spirit, it has announced that outstation students of DU who attend their classes on the first day of college right after mid-semester break will be given fee refund equal to 20% of their annual fees in the form of cash.

The move has met with a lot of cheer. Bus and train tickets are selling out quicker than Thursday movie tickets, resulting in a slight boom in the transport industry – a BJP MP took no time to term the boom as ‘Achhe Din’.

Some students, however, are not content with the fees waiver and are waiting for more incentives like attendance and internal assessment marks. Delhi students are also preparing to launch a protest soon. “It’s suddenly a good thing to be in a college that charges high fees!” yelled a student sitting atop a DTC bus already ordering things off e-commerce sites.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost believable fake news!

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