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Debating Differently: SRCC plays host to new batch of Fresher Debaters

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Shri Ram College of Commerce hosted its Annual Fresher’s Conventional Debate on September 23. The debate aims to provide first years, who are new to the parliamentary debate format, with a chance to debate in a sphere that is familiar and comfortable for them. The competition was invitational and had teams of two from 16 institutions.

The judges were legendary debaters and adjudicators Jagat Sohail (Delhi School of Economics) and Harsh Jain (Faculty of Law). They judged the participants on the basis of manner, matter, and the interjections raised. The motion for the debate was ‘This house will let it be’. The open motion saw multiple interpretations ranging from transsexuals to thought control.

For the top spot, there was a tie between National Law University,Delhi and College of Business Studies. The best speaker prize was awarded to Sukriti from CBS and best interjector went to Arunima from LSR. The event concluded with an address by the judges who gave feedback to the teams on how they could improve their speeches and on public speaking in general. This paves the way for SRCC’s Fresher’s Parliamentary Debate that aims to provide first years with a greater platform.


Akash is a student of Economics at SRCC who believes that Foundation Courses are not what we deserve and sure as hell are not what we need right now. Subtly inserting Dark Knight Quotes into everything he isn’t much of a writer. He doesn’t read books, probably because he spends his time swimming, debating, watching good movies and still believing in the Livestrong message. He doesn’t really care about using good language but definitely thinks people should exercise restraint when it comes to hashtags. Livestrong and Prosper!

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