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Gyanodaya Returns: Allegations from DUTA not enough to stop the “Educational train”

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DU’s educational train, Gyanodaya Express is all set to take students of Delhi University to the North – East this year. Despite fierce allegations of financial irregularities from DUTA, the project which was started as the ‘College on Wheels’ project on 2012, will engage student – teacher cooperation in a friendly environment yet again for the fifth time.


According to the Registrar, Mr. Tarun Kumar Das, A special certificate course would be organised by the university so that the students could be given a basic theoretical and practical knowledge of 8 different local languages prevalent in the North East. From 20th to 30th December, around 900 students will be given the opportunity to travel on the Dharohar – Gyanodaya express.

The selection procedure will be similar to last year – The innovativeness of the project proposals would enable the selection of the students. There would be groups of 11 – 15 students including one student from the north – east who would be accompanied by a mentor each. The main focus of the project is to be based on providing a thorough understanding of the richness of the terrain and how it contributes to our nation’s beauty. The students would also be given the opportunity to meet senior functionaries of the states as well as representatives of local universities. Issues regarding citizenship and national integrity would be addressed during the course of the trip.


The concept of Gyanodaya has often appealed to students but in a recent whitepaper by DUTA, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dinesh Singh has been blamed for being a part of malpractices leading to financial irregularities in DU. The white paper suggests that the VC had started the Gyanodaya express back in 2012 without any prior discussion by the statutory bodies. There had been no evaluation prior to its inception yet crores of money had been spent yearly on this project. The white paper mentions, “According to information provided in response to RTIs on the subject, the costs for two trips were Rs 198,30,408 (2012) and Rs 148,82,182 (2013) respectively,”

DUTA president, Nandita Narain has urged the Ministry of Human Resource Development to intervene this year’s Gyanodaya Express trip and make the university more answerable about the source of such funds mentioned above.


 DU Beat’s coverage of the past voyages of Gyanodaya can be found here.

Image Credit: University of Delhi official website

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