Social Cops introduces Himsagar Fellowship

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Social Cops is a recent start up as a technology data company. The base of their ideology is to provide better nation-wide information by digitalising data sourced from the grassroots in order to empower decision making.
They believe that the problems being faced by humanity would be easy to solve if the right kind of information reached the right kind of people and for that they have been extensively working in the sphere of public infrastructure, public health and education linking themselves to various NGOs all over Delhi.

However, the new aim is to expand this sphere and include almost 50 million NGOs all over the country. They hope to do so by a 6 month long fellowship programme. “The basic idea is to travel across the country interacting with various NGOs and introducing them to different kinds of technology that they can use to preserve and provide more data and to bridge the digital divide that exists between rural and urban”, said Vasundhara Garg, part of the Social Cops Marketing Team.
“Him” representing Himalayas and “Sagar” representing the Sea, they wish to bring out the essence of their fellowship – to travel across the nation – through its name, Himsagar. Everybody is welcome to apply as long as they believe that they can hold conversations, travel smart, build relationships and believe in themselves. “In India, the Census happens only once in 10 years. We envision a future wherein we can leverage non-profits around the country and power data for the Census on a real-time basis. The fellows will be instrumental in building this future.” says Varun Banka, Co-Founder of Social Cops.

The application process is simple where you need to send in an e-mail to Social Cops expressing why you want to take up this responsibility in a short video with your resume which would be followed by two short assignments and an in-person interview.

For more details, visit their website – www.fellowship.socialcops.org

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