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A look at TEDx LSR: Ideas worth spreading

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Lady Shri Ram College for Women in collaboration with TEDx organized its first event focusing on the motto of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ on September 13 in the college auditorium. The well-organized event had six speakers, who spoke about a variety of topics. Starting with Mihir Srivastava, an artist who paints nudes as a hobby and ending with Shreena Thakore, co-founder of No Country for Women, the talks were thought -provoking and inspirational in a very unconventional style.

With the ideas being very diverse and from different fields, there was a common thread between all these talks, which was the passion with which each idea was propagated. The objective of the event was to have a collaborative learning and communication event which dealt with topics which exist in everyday life but don’t catch our attention.

The highlight of the event was the ease and clarity with which the speakers spoke. All the speakers were very clear about their ideas and the existing notions in society which restrict one.

Mr. Matthew Whoolery, Professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University-Idaho, USA, talked about the concept of “How to be Unhappy?”

A very humorous and satire filled talk, he managed to convey the problem of unhappiness in very simple words and gave a very easy way to stay “away” from happiness by thinking and focusing on one’s own problems and needs.

Mihir Srivastava talked about “Conversations in the nude”, which talked about his experiences of painting nude people. He emphasized on the point of “private space in public nudity” and also how the appreciation he received from people on his work, was apprehensive. Mr. Aseem Shrivastava, an ecological economist, brought out a rather interesting point in his talk titled”Dignity of the Earth”. He explained the Arrow of Time and how one can has to go back in time, to the origin after a while. He said, ”Sometimes you have to go very far from home inorder to realize that you have to ultimately come back.” By home he referred to nature and the need for sustainability.

The event had a refreshment break in the middle which provided the attendees with a forum to interact with the speakers. All the people were given goodie bags sponsored by Teach for India. The other sponsors were The Alum Store, Indian Oil and Chai Point. Overall, the entire event brought out ideas which made everyone realize that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Ishita Sharma
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Image credits: Mugdha
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