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Sex Amma: My girlfriend chants Bhajans while we do the ‘act’

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Q. Dear Amma. My girlfriend is pretty religious. It took me some time to convince her to go physical with me, and eventually she agreed. However, the first time we did it, she was chanting bhajans.. I didn’t say anything, thinking she’s scared. The next time though, she started playing them on her phone. It was weird, to be honest. I talked to her about it and she said it turns her on and she can’t get into the mood without it.. Well, what?!? It makes me really uncomfortable, but I don’t complain because the sex is great. I’m so confused. Help!
A. Oh so you’ve landed a Meera, my confused idli. Amma has heard that religion is the opium of the world, but this is some next level stuff!
However strange all this might be, I’d suggest you to put up with it. It seems God herself has blessed your sex life. Be grateful and don’t complain!
In order not to be uncomfortable, ask Meera to put on her earphones. That way, she gets her fill of religion and other things, and so do you! And remember, people are strange, as Morrison pointed out. Gotta deal with it!

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