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 Types of teachers we meet in college

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The Formidables

They take absolutely no nonsense from students and are quick to punish. Cross them once and you will definitely suffer the entire year, so beware and tread with care.

the formidables

The linguistically challenged

Even though these teachers have a good knowledge base, they don’t know how to put it into coherent sentences. Their use of ‘a’ and ‘the’ is twisted and they completely mess up tenses!

lingustically challenged


The Indian Shakespeare These are a rare breed of teachers commonly found mostly in the English department. Their lectures end up feeling stretched and often, their English sounds like French, especially when you’re not in the mood to study.

indian shakespeare


The Strategist Not only are they fully aware of your dire need to have a stellar attendance record; they are smart enough to use it in their favor. The unified answer to every attention related issue in class- ‘cancellation of attendance’

the stretegist

Illustration by Ambiso


[email protected]; Niharika is a journalism student. She loves new stationary, vintage collectables and the smell of expensive coffee. She can usually be found lurking between the dusty shelves of the library.

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