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5 Reasons Why Social Offline is The Place To Be

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The chances of you going to Hauz Khas village and not finding a new, flashy, easy on the eyes eating joint are slim to none. Social Offline is yet another one of Hauz Khas’ new additions. But before you write it off as yet another pretentious café, here is what makes it stand out:

The Space:

Strategically located in an endearingly filthy alley in Hauz Khas village, Social Offline has an undeniably kitschy-industrial vibe which becomes apparent as soon as you walk past its hashtag plastered bare-brick walls lined with exposed piping. Inside, the café-cum-workplace has the ambience of a buzzing countryside pub set in a rusty warehouse, accentuated by stray pulleys hanging in corners, bare lightbulbs and rustic wooden furniture all overlooking good old Huaz Khas lake. Overall, the look is undoubtedly innovative, even down to to the trademark hashtags on the toilet rolls that double as napkins.

The Food:

Keeping step with the laid back atmosphere, the menu is essentially a plethora of every imaginable kind of comfort food, all served in their signature eccentric urban style. The Mexican lamb poutine was devoured in seconds, leaving us watery eyed and satisfied, while the Biryani was wholesome, delicious and brilliantly simple. Even the Thai Thali was as delectable as it was pleasantly humble, without any of the pretentious add-ons and exorbitant prices so typical to Hauz Khas Village. If nothing else, can you really go wrong with an All-Day Breakfast Platter?

The Booze:

It’s probably safe to say that I remember only the bare minimum after the ‘Booze’ section came into the picture considering I indignantly decided that I could take on one of their ‘Longest Long Island Ice Teas’ unassisted. I was tremendously mistaken. This ‘L.L.I.I.T’, which looks essentially like a gigantic test tube, tasted like the floor of shady theka in Delhi, though in its defence, it did get me adequately hammered.

The Crowd:

A pleasant blend of overly- energetic teenagers pumping their fists to EDM and a slightly more sophisticated, but equally inebriated, hipster working crowd, Social has it just right. Another plus is that the size of the place gives you plenty of room to escape whoever it may be you want to keep a safe, no-hands-on-ass distance from.

The Concept:

Obviously keeping with the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ motto, Social Offline is a concept in itself. During the day, upcoming freelancers, small companies and designers who don’t have the luxury of renting their own workspace can rent a table or conference hall, helping them to meet new people and, well, Socialize. The idea is to help people stay connected without a screen in front of their faces, and Social Offline has executed it brilliantly.

Imagecredits: http://theyellowsparrow.in

-Damini Gupta

St. Stephen’s College

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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